Whether you are looking to celebrate a special birthday, a milestone anniversary, or you simply want to catch up with friends, there is perhaps nothing more fun than throwing a party. However, it does require some planning and preparation to ensure that your party is memorable for all the right reasons. To ensure that your guests have a good time, and your party is remembered with fondness for years to come, read on for a short guide to throwing a fabulous party.


Carefully consider the venue in which you want to host your party, as this can have a huge impact on your guests’ first impressions and comfort levels. You might want to wow your guests with an impressive venue, for instance, booking a room at a stately home or onboard a heritage steam train. Many venues also offer event management services, meaning that you will be able to relax and enjoy your party without having to worry about serving food or seating guests. However, do not discount the option of hosting your party in your own home. This gives your party a cozier, more intimate vibe, and you have complete control over your party plans, from decoration to catering.


A party simply is not a party without flowing drinks. Ensure that you have a selection of drinks available to cater to every taste – beer, red and white wine, and a selection of popular spirits are essential for a party. To make the night even more special, provide your guests with a welcome drink of prosecco or champagne, or have a cocktail shaker on hand to create classic cocktails that are sure to get any party started. An alcohol delivery service like Drinks House 247found at, will remove the hassle of buying from a supermarket by delivering your stash direct to your front door. Furthermore, make sure that you have a good selection of soft drinks, too. Not only can these be used for mixers, but guests who do not drink alcohol or who are driving will also have something delicious to drink.


You might not be planning full-blown entertainment, but at the very least, you should have background music playing at your party. Music can help to set the mood and make your guests feel relaxed, and it also disguises any lulls in the conversation. Choose a specific background music playlist, which has been designed specifically to play relaxing, melodious tracks that do not intrude upon your conversation. As the night wears on, a guest might get in the mood for a dance, in which case you can switch to a playlist consisting of disco favorites and have some space for dancing to take place. Alternatively, you might be planning on providing unusual entertainment for a truly memorable event. You could, for instance, hire a magician to put on a special adults-only magic show or a gymnast or contortionist to replicate an awe-inspiringCirque du Soleil show in the comfort of your own home.

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