5 Things every woman must have in their home

trendy home

We all want to feel young and trendy, and how we decorate our homes can play a big part in achieving this. Feeling cute on top of these things is a massive bonus, as that boosts confidence. Here are five things every woman who wants to feel cute, trendy, and young should have in their home.

#1 A plush seating area to relax and hang out

After a long day working, you and your friends deserve somewhere to sit and enjoy a light tea or some champagne at the weekends. Having a plush and comfortable seating area can do this. Having something such as a huge bean bag from Sumo can make all the difference, as not only will this remind you of your teenage years and slumber parties, it will also provide great fun for your friends when they come over to visit.

Not only this, you will be able to have some people sit on there together, so there’s no need to go chair hunting.

#2 Dried flowers and scented pouches

Dried flowers look great and add a splash of color to your home. They also last a lot longer than cut flowers. This can also be a great hobby to get into, as when your cut flowers are coming to the end of their lifespan, you can dry them to get more value from your purchase.

Having scented pouches, such as lavender pouches around your home, can be great for masking pet odors and keeping the air smelling nice. If you keep some in your wardrobe, it will make your clothes smell fresh and floral, which is always a bonus.

#3 Home crafted display items

Having home-crafted display items can look great. It can be decorative clutter that makes a house feel like a home and something no one can do without. Things such as homemade signs, coasters and placemats, rugs, and even ornaments can make your home feel unique. It also spreads positive and youthful vibes through your home and helps support and show off your creative skills and hobbies too.

#4 Have a unique notice board

Having a unique notice board can be super convenient. Not only are you keeping yourself organized, but you are also seriously trendy while doing it. Using things like chalkboards can be a fun way to list your daily chores or shopping reminders and be a great space to work on your doodling and drawing skills. Alternatively, you could use a corkboard for a more retro feel, which can look really trendy and fun, especially if you use colorful thumbtacks.

#5 Photographs

Last, but most definitely not least, use some photographs to make the space you live in full of good memories. A great way to present this is through polaroids on a string line across the ceiling held on by multi-colored pegs. Organizing this can be a fun activity to do by yourself, but asking friends and family to pick their favorites too can make it even better.

If you want to give your home a makeover to help it feel more trendy and cute, try these above suggestions.