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The rush, the current pace of life and stress do not always leave us much time to take care of ourselves. Therefore, we are going to make it easy for you: we will tell you about 10 basic beauty tricks that work.

glittering hair

1. Glitter for your hair!

There are many beauty tricks for hair that promise to help us show off a mane full of shine, but there is one that seems to us most effective: olive oil . This simple trick consists of spreading olive oil through the hair, spreading it well from roots to ends, leaving it to act for at least two hours and then washing it normally, doing several shampoo passes to make sure to remove the traces of oil and do not rinse it. With hot water, it better be warm. Ready to shine!

dark circle free

2. Face without dark circles

If you want to hide the annoying dark circles, take note: red lipstick. It sounds weird, but it works. First apply a little red lipstick with a small brush all over the area of ​​the eyecup. Afterwards, blend it with the help of the same brush that you used before, take dark circles concealer and apply it on them by means of small taps with your finger and, finally, apply the makeup base that you use all over your face, affecting the area of the dark circles, but also applying it with a light tap of the fingers. The red tone will have faded and there will be no trace of dark circles. It is one of the beauty tricks for the face that we like the most!

3. Natural mask for a face without blemishes

If what you need are effective facial beauty tricks to combat skin blemishes, we have what you are looking for. We recommend that you try this natural mask: you only need the juice of one lemon and extract the juice from a couple of leaves of the aloe vera. Mix both ingredients and then apply the mask to your face and leave it to act for about 25 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and pat dry. If you do it once a week, you will notice the results. 

soft lips

4. Softer lips

Do you want to show off your impact smile? There is a trick to exfoliate the lips that the actress Jennifer Aniston herself has confessed that she uses: a little sugar and water are enough to rub the lips and leave them soft and impeccable. Works!

5. Goodbye, black dots

Another of the homemade beauty tricks that we want to recommend is to solve another very common problem: black points. If you want to get rid of them, you just have to exfoliate the skin with the mixture made of a little bicarbonate, aloe vera juice and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply it to your face, rinse with water and dry well. Do not forget that, in addition, to combat blackheads, it is essential to remove make-up and clean your face well every day, drink plenty of water and eat a healthy and balanced diet.


6. Longer lashes without mask

Do you want to enhance your eyelashes? With a little petroleum jelly you will achieve it very naturally. Actress Aida Folch, for example, has already confessed on occasion that this is one of the homemade beauty tricks she uses when she runs out of her mascara.

7. Reduce stretch marks

An effective trick to fight stretch marks is to apply Rosa Mosqueta on the body at night and let it act. It helps to regenerate the skin and heal. You will notice the results!

8. For smoother skin

We love homemade beauty tricks because they are inexpensive and we can put them into practice when we have time for ourselves. In this case we are going to give you a perfect beauty tip to have a softer body skin: once a week use the horsehair glove to massage the skin and help eliminate dead cells to activate and improve circulation. This simple practice will make your skin look like a baby’s!

9.Star Beauty Tips

The beauty tricks of the famous are always very popular and the truth is that some of them are most curious, but others are so basic that we often forget the importance they have to show off a perfect face. Most of the star tricks to boast a well-groomed and bright face are to remove makeup properly. The popular presenter and collaborator have repeatedly assured that she never goes to bed without washing her face and removing her makeup. In your daily routine, the first step is to remove your eyes, then a bit of make-up remover for the face, facial toner and, finally, moisturizer. In addition, it also uses a facial cleansing brush.

10.Winter beauty tips

To take care of our hair and our skin during the winter months there is a word that we must always keep in mind: hydration. It is essential to avoid the effects of cold on the skin and hair. It is also important not to forget to exfoliate the face and body to remove dead skin cells and impurities.

We all like to feel beautiful and look good and, to achieve this we have our beauty ritual or our head beauty tricks. The first thing to keep in mind is that the time of year in which we find ourselves greatly influences the care that our skin and hair need.

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