Our bodies are certainly funny things. And society’s impression of how they should and should not be displayed has shifted back and forth and back and forth again across centuries. More specifically, our attitudes towards what is considered “acceptable” body hair seem to be ever-changing. If you’re considering hair removal Huntington beach ca, here are some on the most common procedures that are performed.

Armpits and Legs

Let’s start by looking at common bodily regions that many ladies, and even men, commonly shave, wax, or otherwise remove. Topmost among these are armpits and legs. While the occasional cultural attitude has shifted in their regard, most modern western societies view hairlessness in these areas as ideal. Is this fair, or right? Maybe not, but more and more it applies to both sexes, tipping the scales somewhat.

Lips and Backs

Women, especially those with luscious, dark hair, tend to be cursed with a little fuzz on their upper lip. Again, good, bad, fair, or indifferent, western cultures tend to frown on this as an aesthetic ideal. Most women with a lip hair prevalence choose to wax it off or seek treatments like electrolysis to permanently remove this hair.

Let’s turn the gender tables for a moment, though: men tend to have harrier backs than women, and most back waxes or laser treatments for the upper shoulders and lower backs are sought after by men.

Intimate Areas

Of course, our private parts are naturally hairy. And while the cultural pendulum swings somewhat between a preference for a more natural or groomed look in these areas, it’s generally agreed upon that some maintenance is preferable. In fact, since the 1990s, a growing number of men have begun “manscaping,” which adds a tinge of gender equality into this practice.

At the end of the day, most people don’t want to be considered harrier than average. Paying attention to these areas and treating them will help alleviate that concern.

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