A little hair loss is natural, but if you’re worried about how it makes you look (or that your head is turning into Follicle Falls), there are a number of ways you can cover up spots and patches.

See a Specialist

The first step to dealing with noticeably thinning hair is to figure out what’s going on. Visit your doctor or a hair treatment center and ask them to run tests to determine the cause of your hair loss. While the reason can be genetic, sometimes a few adjustments to your diet or hormones are enough to get strands growing again.

Change Your Shampoo

Overdoing it with any shampoo can remove too much oil from your head, but what’s in your shampoo can also make a difference. Try shampoos containing vitamins proven to help growth, such as biotin and keratin. Shampoos with ketoconazole can be particularly effective, as studies have shown it works well as a DHT blocker, especially when combined with finasteride (more on that later!).

[Hair]piece It All Together

Sometimes it is OK to wig out. A well-made wig, though sometimes pricy, can hide pretty much any kind of hair loss. For less severe cases, try smaller hairpieces or hair fillers for thinning hair, which are attached to your existing hair to pump up its volume. Visit one of the hair extensions salons NYC to find out more about your options.

Try Healthy Supplements That Promote Hair Growth

Biotin and keratin can also be bought as pills in just about any pharmacy. The natural supplement saw palmetto (often used for prostate health) also has been shown to reduce hair loss to some extent. Whatever you choose, make sure to study its benefits and potential side effects first from reputable sources, as well as consult your physician.

Try Medication

Finasteride and minoxidil are the leaders in the war on hair loss, but must be taken daily. Minoxidil is applied topically to balding areas, while finasteride comes in a pill taken orally. Consult a doctor before taking either: in fact, you usually can’t get finasteride without a prescription.

The next time you notice your hair’s thinning, fear not. Try these tips and you might start seeing improvement in no time.

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