Why a Long Sleeve White Bohemian Dress is the Most Flattering One You Can Get


The bohemian look has established itself as a long term key player in the fashion world, offering an amazing palette of stylish pieces in a range of rich, warm and neutral colours.

A long-sleeved white dress is one of the staples of any bohemian wardrobe; a must-have which is not just versatile and classic, but also the most flattering look around. It’s rare that one item can be confidently bought by anybody, regardless of age or size, with the confidence that it will look amazing; so how is this actually possible? You can see a white long sleeve boho dress here.

There are four basic reasons why white bohemian dresses with long sleeves are ultra flattering.

The colour

White is the ultimate neutral colour which suits all skin tones and hair colours. It also provides a blank canvas ready to be dressed up in a way which fits the wearer’s style and taste, and the occasion.

The material

Generally made from soft cottons, cheesecloth, hemp, silk or linen, the end result is a piece which flows and flatters rather than clings and creases. Additional detail can be added with things such as lace overlays.

The fit

Bohemian clothes represent the essence of freedom and an unstructured lifestyle, so most dresses are designed to be either floaty or semi-structured. It’s easy to find a dress which skims any problem areas but emphasizes those you wish to show off.

The sleeves

Bohemian style dresses are able to carry off long sleeves with style whatever the season, providing cover for things like scars, tattoos and sunburn. Anyone who feels self conscious about un-toned arms can dress with confidence in this flattering style. If you don’t wish to cover up completely many bohemian white dresses have sleeves made from sheer fabrics or lace.

They are timeless

There are plenty of white bohemian dresses you could wear one week for a romantic stroll on the beach – feminine and easy to wear without exposing too much, then the next week just change out your footwear, and accessories such as scarf, bag and jewellery and it’s perfect for a semi-formal event where bare arms are not the done thing. People with a dress addiction will love this.

These dresses are ageless too

There’s such a huge range of styles to choose from, like the classic oversized cotton maxi dress with floaty tiers and perhaps an off the shoulder option, or a piece with a fitted body featuring a loose, long sleeved crochet slip dress over the top of it, that women of any age can confidently find one they will find flattering and fall in love with.

Long sleeves and edgy dresses

Of course not all bohemian dresses are maxi style, there are plenty of short, playful, casual styles on the market which look amazing with long sleeves. These body skimming designs make excellent beach cover-ups, or an easy to wear outfit for casual days in the garden.