What is Business Casual for Women?

Casual for Women

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to fashion, especially not when the business casual is concerned. After all, the way you dress at work and the impact this is going to have sometimes depends on the nature of your work, sometimes on your personality and, in most cases, both. But, as mentioned, this is not just plain business-like dress up. It allows the casual (more personal) vibe to come out, which makes this whole style pretty unique to the person wearing it. But, if you’re interested in learning more about it, the following, rather general aspects of this trend may be very helpful for you.

Business casual breakdown

Essentially, business casual style for women involves the combination of strictly business clothing pieces such as suit pants and skirts, blazers, and similar, and more casual clothing pieces. In general, a lady is not required to wear a full-on business outfit as long as there’s one piece in that outfit that feels business-like. Of course, that doesn’t mean that flip-flops or sundresses are appropriate. What’s more, it would be best to keep the colors mostly neutral. This will allow you to add a pop of color effectively, without going overboard, but still showing your personality. For instance, muted autumn colors work great for this look.

What you need to know when shopping for business casual items

Length is very important, which means that you just shouldn’t show up in shorts or a very short skirt/dress. In general, make sure that all your dresses/skirts and shorter bottoms fall below the knees. You can go longer if you want.

women casual dress

You can have all the freedom you want with necklines as long as the neckline isn’t too showy. Keep the modesty in mind but find tops that have necklines you feel are flattering on you.

Going strapless or sleeveless is not really business-appropriate. However, with that said, you can choose the sleeves you feel most comfortable in. But, it may be worth mentioning that three-quarter sleeves look especially flattering and both casual and professional at the same time.

Also, make sure that your clothes fit just right. Clothes that are too baggy or too tight lack professionalism and can’t be a part of the business casual style.

You definitely have more options when accessories are concerned – just don’t go overboard with them. That said, you can wear elegant but more personalized jewelry and watches together with scarves and interesting belts. Don’t forget about stylish hobo bucket bags and similar bag designs which are a perfect choice for a business casual outfit.

Invest in business, save on casual

Business casual style for women is all about mixing and matching two completely opposite styles but without including the extreme examples of both styles into the said mix. Therefore, consider creating your own timeless capsule wardrobe so that you can ensure you’re always well-dressed and ready for different kinds of occasions. In that respect, it may be wise to look for a really good-quality business portion of your wardrobe, which you can then use as a starting point for creating any other outfit. Therefore, don’t hesitate to keep an eye on sales. On the other hand, you don’t have to be as meticulous with the casual portion of your outfits. However, these items should still be well-made and comfortable. It’s just that you may find it easier to combine and create your business casual outfits with one business-like item while keeping the rest of it casual yet toned down and neat.

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There’s not just one right way to rock business casual style, especially since you have a lot of choices regarding your particular workplace and taste in clothes. Still, keep in mind that less is more, the right fit is absolute and your own comfort essential for the business casual style to work for you. Timelessness should be your main goal but feel free to jazz things up a little bit so that even though your outfit can be considered timeless, it still shows your unique personality and impeccable fashion sense.