How to Encourage a Healthy Work and Lifestyle Balance


In today’s increasingly digitalized world it can be very difficult maintaining that all-important work/life balance. You may be tempted to take your work cell phone on vacations, or perhaps you begin looking at your emails as soon as you wake up – even on the weekends. So why not stop? Whether you are a people manager, a company director or even an entry-level employee, it’s important that you remain realistic about work goals and commitments, especially if it begins affecting your downtime and sleep patterns. So, if you want to help your employees maintain a healthy balance all year round, then keep these tips in mind.

Flexible working

Travelling to any workplace, via your kids’ school and the vets, can be stressful and hard to manage – even if you are the most Zen like of employee. So, if you want to encourage a work/life balance for your workforce then don’t dismiss offering flexible working hours. For some companies, this is something of a gray area, particularly if they are worried that all business needs aren’t being met. However, flexi-working is no longer limited to small business or start-up culture, it’s fast becoming an essential part of business operations. If you offer flexible working then it shows that your business is aware of what your employees need, and it could even make you stand out against your competitors. So, don’t be afraid, and consider offering flexible working to your workforce if you truly want to boost morale and your company’s results. 

Offer Employee Benefits and Rewards

Ok, employee benefits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a company car to a gym membership, so make sure that you consider which perks your firm could offer to help benefit your employees. More and more companies are offering their employees benefits to ensure that they remain feeling happy, healthy and appreciated while completing their tasks. Plus, taking your entire team out to see a game or sporting event is the ideal way to say thank you after some great company results. Sites such as Ticket sales offer a range of tickets to key calendar events. So, don’t be a corporate dinosaur, and take time to say thank you.  

Cell Phone Etiquette

Yes, it’s important to be connected and answer any urgent emails, but if your employees are connected throughout the night, then chances are they are feeling overworked and frustrated – not to mention this could have a detrimental effect on your team’s productivity. Be sure to provide your workforce with the right education and training on cell phone etiquette. Highlight that some things can wait, and make sure that you establish clear rules on deadlines and targets.

If you want to promote a healthy work life balance in your business, then it’s important to consider offering your employees flexible working alternatives. Make sure that you consider providing employee benefits to ensure that your workforce feel valued and can have some down time. Finally, make sure that you set some guidelines over the use of cell phones and business requirements.