If you are working on meeting a weight loss goal, have sworn off sugar, or just don’t know how to enjoy your birthday without going overboard, read on. Your birthday only comes once a year and each one is a very special landmark in your life. Instead of thinking back on your last birthday and remembering how you deprived yourself of cake and presents, here is how you can keep everything in moderation. There are cakes at Walmart that have a low sugar content, so you can enjoy a sweet piece of birthday cake without going over your daily caloric intake. Remember that there’s no harm in having a splurge occasionally, so what better time to treat yourself than on your annual birthday party?

Custom Birthday Cake Options

Do you want a birthday cake that has your face on it or do you desire a multi-tiered birthday cake that’s been decorated with fondant roses? Plenty of retailers like Walmart offer customers custom cake options and their bakeries are so fast and skilled that you can place your order just 24 to 48 hours before you pick it up. If you just want a regular cake, then go to a bakery and see what’s available for sale. You can get a mini cake to enjoy with a small group of friends or special order a cake that will be as tasty as it is memorable.

Don’t Buy More Cake Than You Need

You can get a sheet cake that’s big enough to feed a few dozen people or even individual slices of birthday cake that are still big enough for you to share with a friend. When selecting the cake that you want to enjoy on your birthday, go further than looking at whether it is chocolate or vanilla, or is made with buttercream icing. The right size birthday cake will help you to avoid cutting too big a slice or having way too much leftover cake to take back home with you.

Low-Calorie Birthday Cake Accompaniments

Birthday cake and ice cream might go hand in hand, but this super-rich pairing can be made even better. Frozen yogurt is also delicious when eaten along with a birthday cake that has been made with a sugar substitute. So, you can treat yourself to a generously sized slice of birthday cake as well as a great big scoop of frozen yogurt, while still feeling good about your diet choices. Sharing your birthday cake is not only a nice gesture to make to others; it is also another way to ensure that you don’t overindulge on your special day.

Remember, it’s just one day, so you can afford to eat a little extra sugar – just this once. Your birthday cake will taste a lot better going down if it isn’t eaten while you feel guilty, so try a low sugar option, eat a small slice, and don’t let this be an excuse to get off track. Let this next birthday be memorable. Make plans for getting a cake that will taste delicious and completely guilt-free.

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