Choosing to take control of your personal health and fitness is a big step, but actually going ahead and following through on it can be a whole other undertaking. Most people are aware of how important regular physical activity is for their health – both physically and mentally – but it can be hard to find the time and, more importantly, the motivation to get fit.

If you’ve decided you want to change your lifestyle and include more physical activity, then here’s a look at a few ways you can help to find that motivation. This will not only get you started but keep you going.

Humana Vitality

Because most of us are attached to our mobile devices and computer a good portion of the day, why not use it as a motivating tool? This is where www humanavitality comes into play, as it provides people with a unique form of motivation.

The Humana Vitality app works by giving you actual rewards for your various milestones. It’s a whole community of people looking to improve their health and their lifestyle, just like you, and you will be assigned to a team that will help to keep you motivated. You will also be doing the same thing for them. Everyone has goals that they set on their own, and then you work towards them. The app is filled with all kinds of helpful tools, trackers, and fitness assessments.

So what about the rewards? You will be working to accumulate points that can be used at popular stores such as Target, Macy’s, Apple, or Amazon.

Put Together Your Own Group of Fitness Fiends

It can be pretty lonely to get fit on all your own, which is why people tend to have a lot more success if they are working on their fitness goals with friends. Get a group of friends together who all want to work on their health and join a gym, a class, or even start your own walking/jogging group. You will be helping to motivate each other, and when you work out with friends you feel more of a commitment to follow through.

Take the First Step – Put on the Workout Gear

Sometimes, one of the hardest parts is actually getting ready for the workout. Once you slip into your workout clothes it can totally change your frame of mind and instantly put you in workout mode. If it helps, go ahead and treat yourself to some new workout clothes.

Work Your Way through Audiobooks

Another tip is to start working your way through audiobooks. This is great for those who love to read but have trouble finding the time to do so. Once you start listening to the book you’re going to want to get through it, but that can only be done while you’re working out.

Motivation Can Come from All Different Places

Motivation to work out and get fit can truly come from all different places, all of which can help you reach your goals that much faster.

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