Perfect skin in 10 steps


Sometimes, among so many occupations, we forget the most important thing ourselves. How do you want to have perfect skin if you live a million?

Nothing is more priority than you. Yes, I know. We have to work, deal with traffic and run to meet all the outstanding agenda. However, nothing justifies that you throw yourself into abandonment, much less now that you are about to get married. You must look good and come to in a good shape in this wedding season.

Here we just published 10 tips to help you achieve your mission.

Drink water

Drinking water is very good for everything, it’s like magic. If you drink water your skin will be Brighter and softer, it also helps to eliminate toxins which fights cellulite and acne. Do exercise

When your body rises in temperature, your pores open and sweat helps the Toxins to release. This is good for acne and with cellulite. It will help you to get rid of excessive fat. You may use the latest tech gadget to do it in a better way.

Brush your skin dry

This is good for removing dead skin, cleansing your pores and

Also helps with cellulite. All you need is a brush with natural bristles to pass through the body in a circular way.

Use a good rake

If you use the right one (that is for women) you will not need cream. The specials for us have klonopin online sticks on the sides that lubricate and moisturize your skin. In addition,

The little head rotates, so it is easy to shave any part of the body.

Take advantage of the steam

Your pores will open with the steam from the showerhead so leave that to the end.

Take a bath of oats

You will contribute to your skin many vitamins and minerals, especially if you have it dry. How to apply? Put it in a sock, tie it well and let it rest in a hot tub. When the water looks white, you can immerse yourself in it. Relax for a few minutes. Prepare your remedies and for this you can use some echo friendly product to make your remedies.

Use a cream after shaving

Never forget to moisturize your skin after the shower. Use a cream without alcohol or perfume because, otherwise, you will get hurt.

Apply a vitamin E oil

For sensitive areas (like the bikini area) use an oil with vitamin E. In addition to moisturizing, avoid the famous and annoying red spots.

Do not forget the self-tanner

In addition to protecting you, it will make it easier to have an enviable color. Also, you will cover some imperfections. It’s like make-up for the body!

Use a highlight

Sounds weird but using illuminator on the body (on high points like the collarbone and shoulders) makes you look radiant and healthy.