4 Simple ways to highlight your eyes

pink makeup

Your eyes can say a lot about you and to ensure they look the best, here’s what you need to do.


  1. Use a white shadow:


A white shadow has become more popular and demanding in the past few months. People are ditching the usual black and trying out something unusual they thought could never be happening. Using a white shadow or pencil on the inner corners of your eyes will enhance the whites in your eyes which will make your eyes look bigger.


  1. Eye-lashes:


Mascara won’t do all the tricks. You will have to curl them up in order to give your eye lashes a subtle look. You can also use artificial lashes to make them look thicker.


  1. Play with different colors:


Experimenting is the best way to discover what will suit you the best and which part to improvise on. Just like playing free bingo gives you an idea of how good you are at the game, the same way, trying different colors and shades of different hues and spectrum can really help you discover your best look.


  1. Use lighter colored pencils:


To make your eyes look broader, use lighter shades such as blue on the lower and apply a black eyeliner on the top. This will make the white part of your eyes look more whiter and brighter.