Lots of steroids have been tried by body builders for various effects, but Dianabol stands out amongst them. For it gives the user giving a lot of muscle growth with fewer side effects compared to other similar steroids. The chemical compound is Methandienone, an orally active and a 17-alpha methylated derivative of the hormone, Testosterone. As such this is an Androgenic Anabolic steroid which exerts more anabolic qualities than androgenic properties. The anabolic qualities of the drug are such that it helps body builders gain nearly 20-30 lb of weight within a short period time. It is this quality that is being liked by body builders and other sports people for getting quick results. And this is one of the oldest steroids used by sports people.

History of the Drug

As early as the 1950s, the drug was invented for its medical use in people who are having hypogonadism or less functional sexual organs. When tested in these people, apart from the intended improvement of the original condition, they started to develop muscle and started gaining weight. Noticing this phenomenon, Dr. Ziegler improved the drug giving it more anabolic properties. These drugs were tested with lower level weight lifters of the US Olympic team in the 1960s and the athletes reported dramatic improvement in their performances. This started a race among the body builders and other sports people who wanted instant results. When one wants to know all about the growth potential of the drug, they can visit https://dianabolresults.com/methandienone-tablets-10mg/ and get better acquainted with the effects of the drug. It would be better to know both the good and ill effects of the drug before using it.

Positive Growth Effects

When the drug is consumed, after the first pass through in the Liver without much damage, it activates the androgen receptors. This has the effect of increased protein synthesis and muscle development and strength. The glycogenolysis effect increases the glucose levels and this action is prominent in muscle and liver cells. The net result is thehuge development of muscle, strength and stamina for the consumer. The drug is found to be more effective than actual testosterone in equivalent doses. Apart from the anabolic properties, the androgenic effects occur due to the compound binding to the sex hormone-binding globulins and activating the sex organs and libido.

Side Effects

Since the drug aromatizes into estrogen after metabolism, the levels of estrogen increase after certain usage. This may result in the user acquiring female qualities like enlarged male breasts and hair loss. The increased glucose level may alter the cholesterol level and have anadverse impact on the heart. In women, it has masculine effects like acne and male pattern hair baldness. Apart from these severe side effects, lesser effects like headache and mood swings do occur. In order to limit the estrogenic effect, anti-estrogenic medicines can be taken and a nutritious balanced diet helps in alleviating the other ill effects. When stacked with other steroids, one can feel amanifoldincrease in results. To know all about the drug, one can visit https://dianabolresults.com/methandienone-tablets-10mg/ and educate themselves better. An informed choice is always preferable to someone blindly following some unknown advice.

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