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When you have the creative idea and the drive to make it a reality, you’ll need to create a sample. A clothing sample is the way to make sure that a design on paper can really be a design in reality. Samples give you the chance to see how your design really looks.

But samples can be tricky to get right. Fashion designers who are new to the business can get frustrated with the time it takes to create a sample, and often there are frustrations when a sample does not appear to be successful. But these problems can be avoided with some planning, and the right expectations. Here are some of the ways you can create a better fashion sample with a clothing manufacturer.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Before you expect a sample to be made and finished in time for a show in three weeks, stop. You need to be realistic when you are planning your samples. Look at your timeline and mark the set dates everything has to be completed by. Build in some buffers for delays – even in the most tightly-controlled processes there will inevitably be some delays. Make sure that you are realistic in your planning. It is better to aim for a later show than to miss your place in an earlier one since you have not finished your garments.

Involve the Manufacturer and Suppliers

Keep communication open with UK clothing manufacturers so that everyone is on the same page. Make sure you are clear about when you are delivering items and when you expect them to be produced. If you need to change your plans it is important to communicate this at the earliest possible date, although it is always better to try to stick to doing what you said you would do, otherwise you end up risking a supplier starting work on another job.

Expect Everything – Especially the Unexpected

You cannot expect to plan everything to the last minute in the fashion industry. You will of course need to be flexible. But that doesn’t mean you need to work in chaos. Make sure you build in time for delays, mistakes, changes of design. Inspiration might strike at the last-minute but you can avoid panic by building in time for this “expected” unexpected event.

Make Your Needs Clear

You should ideally communicate face to face with the factory so you know your needs are adequately explained. You certainly need to at least talk with them on the phone. Make your instructions clear and concise. Make sure you send everything they will need.


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