How To Choose The Perfect Fragrance

Christian Dior once famously said, “a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” It’s true that we strongly associate different scents with different memories and emotions. This is why choosing the right fragrance is so important.

Of course, you don’t have to be limited to just one scent. There are scores of women who collect fragrances, changing their scent to suit their activity and their mood. However, it’s a good idea to put thought into any fragrance that you buy, even if you own multiple scents.

Choosing the perfect fragrance isn’t always as simple as just walking into a store and picking out the first item that appeals to you. If you want to make sure that you love and continue to love whichever scent you purchase, then follow this guide on how to choose the perfect fragrance.

Think About What Kind Of Scents Appeal To You

Scent is extremely personal. What smells phenomenal to one person smells like dreck to another person. This is why it’s a good idea to start by thinking about what sort of scents appeal to you. Do you gravitate towards scents that are floral, such as rose or lily? Do you enjoy scents that evoke memories of being in a bakery, such as caramel or vanilla? Once you’ve narrowed down which “scent family” you enjoy the most, you’ll be able to narrow down which individual fragrances will be right for you.

Consider When You’ll Wear It

There are perfumes that are appropriate for daytime wear, for nighttime wear and there are some perfumes that seamlessly transition from day to night. If you want to have just one scent that you can wear at all occasions, then you should choose a perfume that will work for both day and night. However, if you’re more of a collector, then you should think about when exactly you’ll want to wear your new perfume and use that to guide you when you shop.

Do Your Research

Researching fragrance entails more than just going into a department store and sniffing the tester bottles. For example, there are many popular scents that cannot be found in physical stores and are only available via online fragrance retailers, such as Check out fragrance blogs and beauty websites if you want to research some rarer scents. Your perfect scent could turn out to be something that can’t be found in stores.

It’s also a good idea to ask your friends and family members which scents they like. If you always adore how a coworker smells, don’t be afraid to ask her what perfume she’s wearing.

Understand Chemistry

It’s a good idea to spritz a perfume on and wear it for a day before you commit to buying it. This is because perfumes react differently to different people’s body chemistries. What smells wonderful on one woman might smell a bit strange on another. Remember, perfume is incredibly personal and no two women wear the same fragrance the same way. However, this is one of the most fascinating things about the fragrance world. Testing out a scent will also give you an idea of its staying power, as in how long it lasts and how portent it remains as you go through your daily activities.

Consider Non-Traditional Fragrances

There are plenty of women out there who want to find a perfect scent, but find themselves disappointed by just about every perfume they smell. This could be because they’re sensitive to strong scents or because they simply can’t find a traditional perfume that they enjoy. There are options beyond traditional perfumes. For example, some women use an array of essential oils to create their own unique scent. Not only do essential oils offer a more subdued and demure aroma, but they really allow you to customer your own signature scent.

Perfumes are a phenomenal way to express your emotions and your personality. The right scent can forever remind you of a place, a person or an important moment in your life. If you follow this guide, you can find the perfect scent for just about any occasion. You might even end up one of the many self-proclaimed “perfume addicts” who can’t stop investing in gorgeous new fragrances.