How Can Cosmetology School Improve Your Career Options

Cosmetology School

Choosing a good educational program that aligns with your interests is essential if you wish to find a career that is satisfying. Those who enjoy working with people and are interested in the world of hair and beauty are likely well suited to a cosmetology career. Attending a cosmetology school program can open up many doors to various careers related to hair, makeup, and skincare. These programs provide hands-on experience and interaction with experts to give students a great start in a career of their choice.

What to Expect at AOHD Cosmetology School
The Academy of Hair Design has a cosmetology program that is designed to teach students everything needed for their career, while providing them with real world experience. The school has a simulated salon on site that students use while going through the program. Students are broken up into teams and faced with situations that occur frequently in real salons. Students learn to deal with customers and solve real world problems.

The Basics of Attending AOHD
Students who wish to apply to the cosmetology program at AOHD can submit an enrollment application and fill out financial aid forms. The school provides tours for prospective students to allow them to get a feel for what student life is like at the academy. The school has different programs, and advisers are on hand to help students choose the right one for success. Cosmetology students can expect to complete their 1500 required hours within an 11 month time frame. The course hours are 33.5 hours per week and students work day and evening hours to simulate a true salon environment. Students who need assistance with tuition may be eligible for financial aid once their FAFSA forms are filed.

What Will Students Learn in the Program?
Students at the school will complete the program well versed in many different beauty, hair, and skincare techniques. Students learn hair cutting, styling, coloring, and perming. Cosmetology students also learn skills for manicures, pedicures, and artificial nail techniques. Classes also cover makeup application, eyelash extensions, and eyelash and eyebrow tinting.

What Careers Can Be Pursued By AOHD Cosmetology Graduates?
Once students have completed the cosmetology program, the doors are open to many different career opportunities. The extensive range of hair care and styling techniques allows students to pursue a career in a hair salon. Many former students now own their own salons. Those who are interested in skincare can pursue a career in a facility that does facials and other skincare treatments. Nail salons are also an option for graduates. Students who especially enjoyed the makeup application classes may wish to pursue a career as a makeup artist. The opportunities for AOHD graduates of the cosmetology program are plentiful.