Perfect Your Seasonal Style with a Physical Mood Board

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We are all aware of how useful mood boards are when it comes to planning looks for outfits, events and interior design.

Looking to the future to gather ideas and inspiration on items to plan our seasonal looks reduces the chances of becoming confused or sidetracked when it eventually comes to that time of year.

However, a mood board can sometimes look like a mish-mash of information, and can be overwhelming if one does not know how to filter the ideas and make it work in a practical situation.

Trends also have to be taken into account. If you plan to wear culottes all winter round then find that they are not practical for the weather, you will have to adjust your ideas to suit the temperature.

In this instance, shop mannequins for sale may possibly serve the purpose of a physical mood board.

As mentioned before, if you have a mood board that has multiple options of every day outfits, for example, it can be difficult to go out and purchase those items and put them together in a realistic way. Not only may you not find the exact or similar item, but it may also not go together the way you picture or plan it.

Mannequins in stores are possibly the most enticing and effective ways of seeing how certain pieces can be worn together.

I’m sure plenty of us have gone shopping, seen a mannequin and immediately go around the store try to find the item that the mannequin is wearing.

This is how a mannequin can work as a physical mood board.

If you can put items on your own personal mannequin, style it and alter it to suit your style best, it can further inspire you to dress in the same way. You can perfect your seasonal style for any time of year by being able to pre-plan your look, study it and make necessary tweaks.

The reason this might work better than picture mood boards is that we can see the textures, cuts and colours of things better in real life. That way we can get a more realistic picture of how an outfit will actually go together.

We can also accessorise accordingly with a mannequin. By adding or taking away jewellery, hats, scarves and bags, you can see how a look can be restyled and recycled for multiple occasions.

Then when a certain look has been perfected, a mannequin makes it possible to move on to another look or possibly make one minor alteration and build a whole new look based on that.

The possibilities become infinite with a physical mood board and it can prove to be a more effective and efficient way of planning your fashion sense to suit the weather changes.

Knowing the aesthetic that you plan to go for and having it physically in front of you will reduce the chances of making a fashion faux pas.

You will always be season ready and will no longer have to rush around in the shops looking to style yourself for unexpected fashion decisions.

Mannequins will also limit your splurging as with a new season, comes the urge to buy a whole new wardrobe.

If you use a mannequin to work with what you already own, you can then see what is missing and buy accordingly. It can also help to open your eyes to how much clothes you already have.

Your fashion sense will then be perfected and you will feel nothing but confident in knowing that you have done your best to enhance your seasonal style.