casual shoes

Casual shoes are must-have in every guy’s wardrobe. They are so easy to carry and will look incredibly stylish, and perk up the entire look.

Nevertheless, casual shoes are available in huge variety and price range.

While shopping for them in the market, you can get all confused and completely clueless as to what to wear or which casual shoes should you pick. So, why not wear such casual shoes which will instantly perk up the entire outfit.

Here are some basic styling tips and tricks which will instantly amp up the stylish look of men’s casual shoes –

  1. Fitting is extremely important –This is the golden rule of styling. It doesn’t matter whether your shoes are paired with tees or tops, their fitting is critical. Fitting ensures that you look perfect from top to bottom. If you end up wearing a size bigger or smaller as compared to yours, then it is going to bother you.

good fittings

  1. Avoid ill-fitted jeans –A pair of Jeans is imperative to fit properly. With any casual shoe, the dressing will be completely bland if the pair of jeans is not of high quality. Jeans should fit properly, and the quality should be durable.
  1. Colored pants – Colored pants can look incredibly funky and stylish on screen. But wearing them in real life seems extremely off. It might make you look a bit like a clown. The entire outfit can appear loud. So, to balance the whole outfit, you need to pair it with white or nude colored sneakers.colored shoe
  1. Loosely fitted pants – Loose-fit pants need to be worn with a brown pair of casual shoes. They are loosely fitted so make sure that the shoes need to be of appropriate size.
  1. Formal jeans look –How about dressing up in a formal look with casual shoes and jeans. This will look stylish and perfect for an evening get together. And, no doubt you will look incredibly effortless and casual with this outfit.
  1. Casual blazer with lace up casual shoes –Casual blazer, when worn with casual shoes will look effortlessly chic. To perk up the entire outfit, why not pair a casual blazer with casual tie up shoes? You will look all polished and casual at the same time.

Formal business suits

  1. Formal business suits with closed shoes –Formal business suits are all tailored and comes in a fitted pattern. Why not wear formal, well–fitted, tailored pants with casual slip-ons? This will grace the formal look like never before.
  1. Layering clothes with casual slip-ons –How about wearing casual shoes with layered clothes? Well, when you layer clothes, the attention turns towards the outfit. So, to balance the entire outfit, wear casual slip-on.
  1. Casual shoes for outings –Get dressed in sturdy shoes with your casual outfit. They not only give you a stylish look but are also comfortable for the hiking.

With these tips, we are sure; you know how to look stylish with casual shoes!

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