How to Pick Out Your Winter Wardrobe Using the Hottest Colours and Patterns this Season

It’s that time of year again. We can feel it in the air – that crispness and freshness that comes only with the autumn and winter season. And now, it’s time to take out your autumn/winter wardrobe once again. But when you are trying to be comfortable and cosy, you need not sacrifice your sense of style. You can still be a stylish fashionista even whilst being as cosy as possible. Here’s your guide on how to pick out your winter wardrobe using the hottest colours and patterns this season.

The hottest and most popular autumn/winter colours you should know about:

  1. Sharkskin – Sharkskin is a silvery grey colour which can showcase your practicality and sense of style. The good news is that sharkskin can be paired with most other colours, and it comes with a contemporary, modern edge.
  2. Warm Taupe – It’s easy to see why warm taupe is another popular colour this season. This organic, neutral, and earthy colour can mix and match well with different colours as well.
  3. Lush Meadow – Another great colour this season is lush meadow with its rich and elegant tone and vibrancy. This bright green colour can give your ‘outfit of the day’ a warm, energetic, and brilliant edge.
  1. Spicy Mustard – Spicy mustard is yet one more colour making waves this season. Its uniqueness allows you to stand out from the crowd and show your inner fashion sense. One tip: spicy mustard works even better with geometric-inspired and abstract prints.
  2. Dusty Cedar – Dusty Cedar really brings to mind thoughts of the season with its warm, welcoming hue. If you like staying on trend with a classic autumn/winter colour choice, then dusty cedar is definitely for you.
  3. Potter’s Clay – Another favourite colour this season is potter’s clay, and it’s easy to see why. This colour is ultra-stylish and sophisticated, with an earthy, neutral tone that can bring out your warm and approachable side.
  4. Bodacious – You may not believe it, but there’s one more colour which is popular this autumn and winter 2016 – bodacious. This bold, bright, and vibrant shade of hot pink can help you make a strong fashion statement. Remember not to overdo it, though!
  5. Riverside – Riverside is yet one more colour which can be a direct contrast to known colours of autumn and winter, although it’s one of the most popular colours yet, according to style experts This calming shade of blue is perfect when paired with other autumn and winter colours, and can make you look infinitely elegant.

Prints, prints, and more prints

When it comes to prints, you certainly have several from which to choose as well. There’s the Prince of Wales check pattern, seen on various runways this season. Houndstooth prints are also making a comeback, as are plaid and tartan. Animal prints are also coming out, particularly in winter coats and jackets.


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