7 Tips To Care For Your Family’s Clothes

7 Tips To Care For Your Family's Clothes

No washing clothes are losing color, the fabric is old or you leave balls; so we will give you some tips on caring for clothes whole family and get them last longer in perfect condition.

7 Tips To Care For Your Family's Clothes


  1. The first is to read the clothing labels and follow their instructions. With the experience we know when to follow them to the letter and not when. Sometimes, the label indicates that the garment wash our hand and it may be enough with a gentle cycle of our washing machine.
  2. The first time you wash a new garment must pay special attention. We must be careful to take care colorfast clothes from stains. Therefore, if we believe may run, it is best that the first time we wash the garment by hand to prevent ringworm other garments.
  3.  Let’s break before putting clothes in the washing machine. It separates color: white linen, and colors; and tissue types: delicate items needing a gentle cycle and stronger or washing dirty clothes in a longer cycle.
  4.  Be careful with the details or sconces garments. When closing the zippers get that last longer; not mix with metal zippers blouses tissue; stockings, underwear, baby clothes and other delicate garments should be washed inside a washing bag knitting, we can do ourselves, to protect them from friction with the rest of the cast.
  5.  Choose programs washing with cold water. The hot water will shrink our clothes, deform and quickly damaged. Most of the clothes are not too dirty wash so with a medium or short wash with cold water is sufficient. So we can take care of clothes increasing its life and preserve its original color. In addition, to save money by spending less energy.
  6.  Let’s use the right amount of detergent and fabric softener. Use lots of it will not make better wash clothes and yet, yes wear our clothes before he takes away shine and harden the tissue.
  7.  Should not overfill the washing machine, if we just get force the machine and wash clothes not because they do not have space to move and rub against each other.

Additional recommendations

There are other indications that we will come good care of our family clothes. When we have difficult stains we can use some tricks to eliminate them. You can use some baking soda with vinegar added to the usual detergent letting the garment soak before putting it in the washing machine. We must avoid the most use of bleach, because it is very harmful. Do not forget to empty your pockets and zip up before inserting the clothes into the washing machine. It is advisable to wash all the clothes of the same group at a time, although it has not used one, so that the inevitable loss of color and fabric wear is the same throughout the whole. Wash and hang clothes inside out will protect the colors more intense