What you look like on the outside has everything to do with how well you take care of your general health. For diabetics, looking fabulous at all times can be simple with the right meal management plan. Students heavily involved in nursing and computer engineering programs can even eat balanced, diabetic friendly foods while busy studying. With nearly one out of every ten people having diabetes, everyone from elementary school teachers, to models, moms and students represents a different face of the growing illness.

By eating more whole foods, such as oatmeal, and squash, zucchini and kale, you can naturally lower blood glucose levels, while sustaining your body with more vitamins and nutrients.  Your skin will reflect the benefits of following a diabetic diet that is low on processed sugars, and high on healthy foods. A beautiful appearance comes with successful diabetes management, based on a low sugar diet.


msnonline.arizona.edu devised and designed this helpful infographic.

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