Different Material Options for Men’s Wedding Bands

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Jewelry and ornaments for men’s wedding purpose seems to be growing in terms of pattern and designs. Earlier, the designs used to be plain and simple. But, with the needs and demands increasing, many fashion accessory providers are coming up with attractive men’s wedding bands, rings and other jewelry options. Wedding bands are definitely considered the most popular among all.

This type of jewelry is common among men during the auspicious occasion. Since men wear a limited number of jewelry items, they must not feel hesitant to pick the best designs and the finest quality metals for the purpose. In fact, the designs can be custom-created as per the requirements and preferences. You can easily get some beautiful messages or names engraved in the wedding bands and rings. However, while ordering for such jewelry items, you must be careful with the size, since it can make a lot of difference. Ordering the wrong size can create a lot of uneasiness and discomfort to the wearer.

Let’s discuss the most popular metals used for manufacturing men’s wedding bands

# Gold wedding bands

Gold metal-based wedding bands for men are the most popular and have been there in the market since ages. Be it the traditional, simple designs or the modernized retro looks, there are different stylization options available when it comes to gold metal bands. Gold bands look extremely bright and can perfectly contrast with some colors. However; the price of gold is ever climbing the chart. This makes the scenario too difficult for people with limited earning to avail it. Thankfully, there happens to be a number of substitutes available in the market.  Metals like, tungsten, rhodium, zinc and ivory are used for manufacturing wedding bands. These bands seem to be slightly less expensive when compared to gold bands. Some of the gold bands feature subtle patterns on the surface that add to the style quotient. Certain gold bands come with gold or other metal borders on every side. A lot of people also look for brush-polished gold bands.

# Titanium wedding bands

If you don’t have a liking for flashy jewelry styles, titanium bands can be the best option to avail. Tungsten (a common form of titanium) bands feature some unique patterns on their body. Striped, brush-polished and domed rings are often considered to be the most popular. There are also ribbed and spiral patterns that you can consider. These also look amazingly wonderful and stylish for wedding purpose. Also, the most important part: these rings or bands are cheaper when compared to the gold options.

# Silver wedding bands 

Another less expensive substitute for gold; silver is a great choice when it comes to purchasing wedding bands for men. In fact, silver is the most popular metal when people look for a suitable alternative to gold. Silver bands don’t possess the inherent flashy style of gold or platinum, but come with an intriguing and masculine appearance.

Sterling wedding bands are of great demand in the market. These bands can be brush-polished, hammered or even shiny in nature. You can also find wedding bands with braid patterns from the outside. And then, there are those diamond-studded bands that fetch you a lot of money when resold. But, if you can afford, these diamond-studded silver bands can be the perfect option as the men’s wedding jewelry.

If you are planning to purchase men’s wedding bands and other jewelry types, always take multiple options into account before reaching a decision. You need to visit multiple stores to accumulate the rates. Besides, visiting online stores can also help in gaining some additional idea regarding choice. Sites like, mensweddingbands.com can be visited for designs and options.

Some Other Options

If you are a frequent traveler, you can opt for cheaper rings and bands made from ceramic metals, tungsten, carbide stripe and zirconium available for the purpose of traveling without the fear of theft or burglary on their mind. Since these are cheaper substitutes, you will never worry about being robbed or getting the ring lost in the move. Some ceramic rings and bands presently available in the market, come with tungsten-based carbide stripes. These definitely add to the style quotient.

Visit the market and you will find numerous styles for rings and bands for men’s wedding purpose. In fact, wedding bands are available in dual color tones with a wide variety of choices to pick from.

You can shop online to make the best purchase, since it would also offer the best deals and discounts. Also, online stores offer you the widest range of designs, patterns and styles, along with options to pick from numerous metals while satisfying your budgetary needs and style requirements.

What you wear represents your style statement and mentality. You must consider this fact while moving in every aspect of life. Grooming is necessary, but it must be done in a proper way to aptly reflect your personality and attitude. Show the world your choice of jewelry and you can as well be proclaimed as a star among your peers.

You can opt for engraved wedding bands that add a lot of value to the items. Carving the bands is also carried out in some places. Many prefer this concept and often choose it over their plainer counterparts. You can always purchase an expensive wedding band to wear on special occasions and some other non-expensive ones to wear regularly. For daily use purpose, there is no point wearing highly-expensive bands, unless you are a millionaire. Surf the Internet and you can find a whole lot of options available to meet your needs and requirements. You must consider the options available according to your preferences and needs. Also, you must ensure that the right size is availed.

Author Bio: Miranda Joseph is a fashion jewelry designer and stylist expert. She is a regular columnist for different fashion magazines and blogs like, mensweddingbands.com.