Craig Revel Horwood popular reality game show host

Craig Revel Horwood

One of Britain’s most popular reality game show hosts is making news lately regarding his personal life. Craig Revel Horwood, a judge on the celebrity dancing contest on the show “Strictly Come Dancing”, has broken up with his longtime romantic partner. He had been with Damon Scott for 3 years. Horwood is 51 and Scott, a professional puppeteer, is 36. Horwood has stated that he wasn’t sure that he wanted to fully commit to Scott when asked for the reason behind the split. He is known to be the harshest judge on the show. He often gives contestants low scores in comparison to the other hosts.

This split comes as somewhat of a shock to those that know the long-term couple. This is because they had stated that they were going to enter a civil partnership in the near future. After the civil union, they were planning on starting the process of adopting a child. Horwood obviously didn’t see this in the future for him and his partner anymore.

While the news has just entered the public eye, the couple has reportedly been split up for a few weeks at this point. It has been reported also that the break up was completely Horwood’s idea. The couple is said to have buy phentermine parted ways amicably and will remain friends in the future. A friend is quoted as saying “the couple is estranged and is currently working on adjusting to life with each other”.

This is Horwood’s second public break up since he became a star judge on the dancing show. He was previously in a 5-year relationship with Grant McPherson before becoming involved with Scott. Scott rose to fame 3 years ago as one of the contestants on the first season of the show “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Horwood has stated that was bisexual earlier in his life when asked about his sexuality. He was previously in a
3-year marriage with Jane Hallwood. He dated both men and women during his teens and early 20s. His marriage ended when his wife left him for another man. Ever since then, Horwood has been in exclusively gay relationships. He has stated that he isn’t sure if he believes in marriage or not when he was asked about how serious his relationship with Scott was. He did state that he intended to enter a civil union with him in future because it helped protect both partners in the relationship legally and it also would give them an opportunity to adopt.