Every woman deserves a private oasis to go to after a long day. Somewhere she can just kick back, relax, and rejuvenate. Sure, it would be nice if you could head over to a four star hotel or treat yourself to a spa day from time to time, but the costs sometimes make that a hard feat to accomplish. But what if you could live the life of luxury without the price tag? Creating a spa-like bathroom could be just the answer you’re looking for.

An in Home Retreat

If you have a master bathroom that’s in need of renovation, turning it into a spa is an affordable and wise investment that you can enjoy for years to come. No more waiting until you can afford a luxury retreat or neglecting your need to be pampered. Instead, you can head into your bathroom and get the experience of a lifetime. If this sounds like a good idea, here are some suggestions for creating a bathroom spa on a limited budget.

Contact a Professional

There are certain renovations that shouldn’t be carried out without the help of a home remodeling contractor. If you’re thinking of making major changes to your bathroom such as installing a new bathtub or swapping out a tub for a whirlpool or stand in shower, you’ll want a professional to complete this. Plumbing is an integral part of bathroom renovations and trying to complete a plumbing tasks without knowledge could cause issues throughout the entire home. You can determine which major projects you want to complete in your bathroom remodel and get estimates from local contractors to determine the most affordable price.

Change the Linens

You’d be surprised what swapping out the linens can do for giving you a spa-like vibe in your bathroom. When thinking of towels and mats for instance, look for things that are fluffy and soft to the touch. Plush towels and mats can make things look as if they cost more than they really did giving you that luxurious feel you’re going for.

Color Evokes Mood

Have you ever noticed when you walk into a luxury hotel or spa that the rooms are either white or varying earth tones? That is because colors have a way of changing your mood. Earth tones, white, shades of blue, and green produce a calming effect. As you’re choosing colors for your walls, tiles, and linens, try to choose colors that put you at ease.

Splurge on Fixtures

Fixtures go a long way in making a space look more luxurious. Investing in an advanced shower head for instance adds a therapeutic touch as many shower heads offer varying speeds and angles for an all over good showering experience. Fancy sink faucets can accent the elegant space.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get the luxurious pampering you deserve. Instead, take the time to invest in your home by creating a bathroom spa. Each of the above tips is simple to complete and will help you to create a space that looks like a fortune, but is actually very budget friendly. Now, when life gets a bit crazy, you can retreat to your own space and cast your cares.

By tbb