Getting ready for a wedding can be extremely thrilling and also full of challenges. Not only do you need to take decisions that are time sensitive but there’s also a lot of investments to be made ranging from the venue to choosing the various vendors that will play important roles on the most important day of your life. One of the most important choices of vendors is the wedding photographer who has the task of creating photographs that will relive the wonderful memories for an entire lifetime.

You might be tempted to curtail your budget in the choice of a photographer because professional wedding photographers do tend to be somewhat expensive. However, since this is the opportunity of a lifetime, it is best that that you do not skimp too much by hiring a newbie or an amateur photographer without any experience of shooting weddings. If you can decide on the wedding photography style that you prefer, and how to evaluate wedding photographer portfolios, you will be better equipped on making the right selection. Some tips:

Decide On the Style

There are a number of distinct styles of wedding photography, and all photographers are not adept in each of them. If you know which style you and your partner prefer, then you will be able to choose a photographer who is proficient in that style. The traditional style is one where the photographer covers all the standard poses that have been listed out by the client while a photojournalistic style is typically more candid and captures shots of the subjects in a spontaneous way that shows genuine emotion and tells the story in a refreshing manner. The portraiture style comprises obtaining posed shots of the couple by themselves or with the family in a group. Almost all clients do want a few of these shots.

The fine art style, as the name suggests, is an opportunity for the photographer to treat the occasion as an opportunity for creating artistic images with a lot of special effects thrown in for good measure. Often, the photos may turn out to be dreamier, grainy or more muted or even edgy and dramatic. The illustrative style is a mix of the classic and photojournalistic styles, with a focus on lighting, composition, and background. Photographers who work in the natural light style use sunlight to great effect in creating a warm and muted feel. This style calls for a high level of expertise in dealing with challenges of lighting.

The Personal Meeting

Once you know the style you prefer, you can now look around for photographers who are proficient in that style. If you are wondering how to find a wedding photographer then my suggestion is to ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. A thorough search on the Internet will throw up quite a few with whom you can set up personal meetings. You can then take a look at their portfolio, and brief them regarding your requirements, and they, in turn, can indicate their pricing policy.

Evaluating the Portfolio

You can only know how good a photographer is if he shares with you his portfolio of wedding photography. This is essentially the body of his best works, and can give you a fair idea of how skilled he is in the matter of frame composition, lighting, consistency of photographic style, and his ability to tell a story with a visual medium. Experts evaluate every photograph using 12 parameters; these are impact, creativity, technical excellence, technique, style, presentation, composition, color balance, lighting, and center of interest, subject matter, and storytelling. If you are clueless about these elements, and how to appraise photographs, it is best that you involve a knowledgeable friend who can help you out when you are evaluating portfolios.

When you meet the photographer, it is important that you like not only his work but also his personality. Remember, your wedding photos will turn out better if he is a type who is confident, outgoing, and makes you feel relaxed. If you are able to connect with the photographer on a personal level, you will discover that the shots too will reflect the same warmth and naturalness.


Author bio: Steven Griffin is the editor of a popular online photography resource. He has also authored a number of articles on how to find a wedding photographer.

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