How to Start Preparing Your Skin for the Summer Now


If you want good skin for the summer, the best time to start is now. Summer means tanning and lighter makeup, which means that you need to have a good base. Good skin care does mean taking the proper time to purchase the right products and get down the right technique. To avoid having to take out good or bad credit loans and cramming all of your skincare into some professional treatments, here are some ways to get started now.

Find your appropriate skin type

The best way to start finding the right products for your skin is to figure out your appropriate skin type. The three skin types are oily, dry, and combination skin. If you have oil all over you likely have an oily skin care type. If your skin is flakey or if you need a heavier moisturizer you may have dry skincare. If your T-zone has oil and your cheeks are flakey, you may have combination skin. Find your skin type, then look for products that are capable of handling your skin.

Pick up a facial brush

Deep cleaning your face and pores can stave away the issues of acne. A facial brush that spins can be used to clean off your face one you apply your facial cleanser. When you are selecting a brush, be sure to find one with soft brush heads. Those that have harsh or hard bristles can cause scratches to the face. Even if you are unable to see the scratches, they can cause issues for your skin, including infection. Always operate your brushes carefully and remember to change out or clean the brush heads so that the bristles do not hold bacteria.

Invest in a few facial masks

Facial masks can help to shrink your pore size and they can help to give your face much needed moisture. Find facial masks that go well with your skin type and can be applied a few times a week. Make sure to test the mask on a small area of your arm, before putting it on your face. If the mask is too harsh, it can cause your skin to become red or sensitive, which will push back your ability to work on your skin.

Consider peels for deeper issues

Peels are excellent for those who have acne scarring, large pores, or tend to have wrinkles and age spots. Peels come in salicylic and glycolic peel forms, and offer different percentages and strengths. A peel will often take off the current layer of skin to reveal the fresh skin underneath. After a few peels, you will see a major difference in the appearance of your face. If you are just getting started with peels, it is a good idea to select a lower percentage to make sure that your face does not become damaged by the harsh ingredients. Also make sure to use a good moisturizer and a sunscreen with excellent, high SPF to protect the new skin from becoming damaged.