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As a representative of an SME, are you sure that your phone calls and activity on the internet are private? Your brand’s intellectual property is valuable. Phone calls, emails, graphic charts, and financial data sent over the phone or the internet may be vulnerable. But how can you be sure the technology you’re using is perfectly safe and secure?

You may have installed an antivirus program on your brand’s phones and tablets. But these programs may only be updated every week or so. At the very worst, they may need to be manually updated. If an employee gets a new phone or tablet, your brand’s data is vulnerable again until you’re sure that the antivirus software has been installed on the latest devices.

Automatic Safety and Security

There’s a new Mobile Security system from dtac that does away with worrying that everyone in the company has the same level of antivirus protection.

With Mobile Security from dtac, there is no software or hardware to install. It can be used immediately by every device that uses a dtac business SIM card. Every time you pick up the phone or log on to your tablet, your conversations and data are protected.

Mobile Security is updated every hour and protects your conversations and data from attacks by:

Viruses. These are files installed unknowingly or without the user’s consent. They can cause harm to your device by deleting files, creating multiple copies of a file, or filling up the hard disk with useless files.

Trojans. A trojan is a small program that installs itself on your device by attaching to emails or programs you install. They can steal valuable information and cause damage to the remaining files.

Ransomware. This is a type of malicious software that hijacks your device’s data and holds it for ransom. In theory, the criminals unlock the device once the ransom has been paid.

Adware. These are highly distracting applications and programs that display ads, pop-up windows, flashing banner ads, and video ads on your device.

Spyware. This is malicious software that captures all your private activity on your device and sends anything valuable to hackers, such as calls, messages, and browsing history.

Phishing. This weblink cyber threat is installed in your email, SMS, or elsewhere. It’s designed to encourage clicks to malicious websites and capture valuable private information that can be used illegally or sold.

Protect Your Brand’s Valuable Data

By subscribing to dtac’s Mobile Security, you protect your brand’s data from both incoming attacks and attacks incurred by employees mistakenly logging onto malicious websites. Mobile Security detects and doesn’t allow installation of any of the above types of programs. It also can detect a malicious website and prevent an employee from logging onto it.

Dtac offers three Mobile Security plans to suit every SME in Thailand. Contact dtac to learn more about Mobile Security and choose the plan that best fits the needs of your brand.

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