Bangkok Hotel

For years, many travelers have assumed that the most convenient area to stay in Bangkok is right in the city center. But business and pleasure travelers alike can travel around in Bangkok just as conveniently by booking a hotel room near the MRT on Ratchada.

The MRT, BTS and Airport Express have redefined the popular areas of the city for travelers. If you’re visiting the city on business, the city center may be your destination, but that doesn’t mean you also have to stay there.

Rooms can be expensive the closer you are to the heart of the city. And the rooms are generally smaller because the land is more expensive in town. Being close to the action still is seen as a bit of a status symbol by some travelers. But you can arrive in the city center from the Ratchada area of Bangkok in as little as 10 minutes on the MRT. And the less expensive hotel rooms in the Ratchada area of Bangkok offer the same quality of accommodations as rooms closer to the business district of the city.

Better Value for Pleasure Travelers

Pleasure travelers visiting Bangkok for the first time often assume that being in the center of town will make it easier to get to all the attractions of the city. They end up booking a small hotel amid the noise and traffic of the city and have less than a pleasant visit.

The smarter and better value for tourists and pleasure travelers is to book a hotel room near either the BTS or MRT and use them extensively to get around town. If you add the Airport Express into the equation, you can travel from the airport to your hotel and back and never have to set foot in a taxi the entire time you’re in the city.

You’ll save money on your accommodations and transportation costs. And you’ll get to see more of the attractions Bangkok offers because you won’t be stuck in the city’s notorious traffic jams.

The MRT, BTS and Airport Express lines are interconnected. They are also air-conditioned and inexpensive. Many travelers visiting Bangkok are discovering that it makes sightseeing more enjoyable, as they can relax and take their time. They’re not constantly looking at their watch and worried they’re spending too much time in the back of a taxi. Between the three lines, you can reach most of the sights worth seeing in Bangkok quickly and easily.

Relax Beside the Pool of Your Hotel in Ratchada

At the end of a day of sightseeing or attending business meetings, a hotel in Ratchada offers a nicer atmosphere to return to than staying in the noise and traffic of downtown. You can relax in the tropical pool area of your hotel in Ratchada and wonder why anyone would consider staying downtown in all the noise and bustling traffic.

Amanta Hotel & Residence Ratchada offers spacious rooms and suites for the entire family that provide all the facilities you need to enjoy your stay in Bangkok. The next time you’re in Bangkok, choose a hotel room near the MRT in Ratchada.

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