The benefits of a clean home

clean home

Keeping your home clean and tidy has many benefits. Not only is a clean and tidy home a healthy home, but also an attractive home. This is not an easy thing to achieve while living a busy life, so here are four ways to make the job easier and part of a straightforward daily routine.

#1 Sort

Deal with your post and parcels as you open them – throwing away or recycling packaging and junk mail rather than just putting them on the side for later. Have a designated rack or box to put the ‘to be actioned’ post so you can do it on a specific day of each week.

Remove any unnecessary items at the end of the day from the coffee table and other dumping grounds in the house. This will include dirty washing up, which you can load into the dishwasher or place in the sink. Deal with washing up as soon as it happens and wash up straight after meals rather than leaving it for later.

#2 Organize

Work out and keep to specific areas for remote controls, recycling, magazines, actionable post, and stuff to be put in other rooms like kids’ toys and books. Maybe get the kids to decorate their own boxes, and at the end of each day, they can go around the family areas of the house and collect all their stuff into their boxes and take it back to their rooms to put away in the correct places.

#3 Clean

Cleaning as you go, especially in the kitchen, is particularly important and is an easy, time-saving habit. Clean up crumbs when the chopping board has been used for bread and washing it as soon as veg has been chopped and put in the pot. Cleaning up spills when they happen and wiping over cooker tops and appliance handles when used all help keep the area clean and free from any residue.

Failure to do this might lead to unwanted little critters and pests and may involve you needing the services of an accredited company like to solve the problem.

#4 Rotas

Set up a tick rota system on a small reusable whiteboard and track who does what on which day. Tick it as it is completed with a wipeable pen to check all daily routines have been followed, then wipe it down at the end of each week so the process can start again. It may seem like a drag at first, but the more often the cleaning and tidying happens, the faster it will get done and the cleaner the house will stay.

The last thing an unexpected guest wants to see is a mountain of dirty dishes piled high on every kitchen counter and food smeared all over the hob or countertops in the kitchen. An unclean bathroom can be a real problem too, but all these can have a quick fix if kept on top of regularly. Once the cleaning routine is in place, it all becomes so much easier and not daunting at all.