Help Caring for Aging Parents

aging care

At some point or another, there may come a time when family roles shift. Your parents raised you and, while they were likely thriving on their own for years, they may start to need your assistance. There’s no reason for this to intimidate you, though. There are plenty of resources and options available to help!

Adult Home Care

If you have the financial means to do so, hiring in-home help can prove amazingly beneficial. There are many forms in-home care can take; one intriguing opportunity you can look into is an adult foster care service Massachusetts. Although this typically is offered for adults with disabilities, it is now often offered for aging adults as an alternative to nursing homes. This care can vary in its services, but it usually involves in-home care. Depending on what kind of help your parents need, you can also look into hiring a nurse to provide health care, or a companion to simply provide friendship and some assistance with chores or cooking. 

Nursing Homes

An alternative to hiring care is to find the perfect nursing home for your parents. This option won’t disrupt your home life nearly as much and will allow your parents to have their own space. Many nursing homes feel similar to apartments, as each individual or couple lives in a separate apartment, with options ranging from just a bedroom to two-bedroom units with living rooms, kitchens, offices, and dining rooms. Although this can be quite expensive, it is a fantastic option for those who want to mingle with other senior citizens.

Adult Daycare

Just as children can go to daycare while their parents are at work, the elderly can attend daycare while their children are at work. A quick internet search can help you find what types of services are available and whether there are good daycares near you. An adult daycare can vary in its offerings, but there are many organizations that will pick your parents up from wherever they live. This might be right for you if you feel confident in your ability to care for your parents in the evening hours but simply can’t do so while you’re at work. This option will be sure to provide your parents with companionship, a change of scenery, and entertainment, not to mention physical care if necessary.

Caring for an aging parent doesn’t have to intimidate you. You can hire an in-home service, find the perfect nursing home, or find a great daycare that will help love and care for your parents well!