With so many advertising methods out there, it can be hard to reach potential customers and build relationships. As a business, you may be looking for creative, effective ways to find new clients. Postcard marketing is extremely useful, and it gives a personal twist on marketing strategies. Here are three ways they can help your company.

1. It Calls For Attention

The first step when finding leads is to successfully grab the attention of potential clients. Striking pictures, powerful messages and vibrant colors can do the trick. Well-formatted postcards can do this. Not only will potential customers be drawn to the card when getting the mail, but everyone else who gets a glimpse of the postcard can become leads as well.

2. It’s Affordable

If you want to directly target your audience, postcards are a cost-effective way to get right into their home. Because a postcard is one page and doesn’t require an envelope, companies save money on printing costs. This is really effective for real estate prospecting postcards, especially if you are targeting a large neighborhood or community.

3. It’s Measurable

Are you sick of not knowing if your marketing strategies are actually helping the company? Postcard marketing is measurable. You know exactly how many postcards you have mailed out, and you can track how many new leads come during the time of your postcard campaign. Some people even reply to postcards, so you can see how often people interact with your company. This is a simple and easy way to track success.

Postcards can be both effective to use and fun to create. Consider creating a postcard that describes what your company does in simple terms. Have contact information readily available and use a call to action to motivate readers to act on how they feel. If this marketing strategy seems perfect for your business, get started!