When you were a kid you couldn’t wait to grow up. And now as a grown up you look for opportunities to roll back the years and defy the signs of aging. And Botox is a sure-fire way to do it. Moreover, in Bangkok Botox costs a lot less than it does in first-world countries. This beautiful Thai capital is especially a convenient destination for people in Australia and New Zealand. Let us take a closer look at three top clinics in Bangkok for Botox.

KTOP Clinic

You will find this clinic in Bangkok’s uptown Wattana District. KTOP is part of the Korea’s premier hospital – Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital, and its first foreign branch. The CEO of Grand Plastic Surgery believes that looking good is in our nature. This simple philosophy drives the clinic to offer the best of Bangkok’s Botox.

The team at the clinic combines cutting-edge technology and the artistic side of cosmetic treatments. You will leave the clinic with a stunning yet natural look that will have you turning more heads in no time.

MedConsult International Clinic

This clinic is located in Thonglor, another classy locality in Bangkok. Founded in 2003, the clinic has been serving local as well as international patients for 15 years. The staff also speaks English so you do not have to worry about any language barrier.

The clinic’s owner Dr Donna Robinson is a UK-trained, fully qualified Botox and dermal filler clinician. Boasting a 20-year experience in Thailand, she provides a holistic solution for all her patients.

F Clinic

F Clinic offers an all-inclusive beauty solution through a network of four branches throughout Bangkok. The clinic specializes in skin and overall cosmetic treatments, boasting unrivalled experience medical aesthetics.

Dr Atiya Rungjang, a distinguished cosmetic specialist is part of the surgical team at F Clinic.

Catering to international as well as as local patients, the clinic operates six days a week.

How Much Can You Save?

Since price is the main reason to get Botox in Bangkok, you should have an idea of the savings. Down Under, 20 units of Botox will cost around AUD $400 and NZD $440. In Bangkok the same will cost only about AUD $352 / NZD $380.

The best part is that the price difference does not come with the hidden cost of lower quality. No, the main reason for the lower Botox prices in Bangkok is that it costs much less to run a medical/beauty centre in Thailand than it does in Australia or New Zealand. The relatively inexpensive cost of labour and materials also keep prices without compromising on quality.

If you feel the price difference is not enough for you to travel just for Botox, you can combine it with another more expensive treatment or with a holiday. Bangkok has been a famous holiday destination since long before Instagram, Snapchat or even smartphones!

The desire to look younger grows as we grow older. Let Bangkok’s Botox help you fulfill that desire without spending a lot. Feel free to read more about these clinics and plan your medical holiday to beautiful Bangkok.

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