There’s no reason to let a small home cramp your style. Rather than moving properties to increase space and embark on your desired interior design, you simply need to find clever ways to add flexibility and floor space into every room.

While this might sound easier said than done, it doesn’t need to be. All you must do is take a look at the below tips on how to maximize space in your home.

Ruthlessly Declutter

Many people are guilty of holding onto possessions they no longer want or need. Before you decide to give up your home, you’d be wise to ruthlessly declutter your belongings, which could free up a surprising amount of space. Spend a weekend going through every item you own and donate or dispose of products you haven’t used in less than a year.

Create a Functional, Organized Kitchen

Are you struggling to cook and clean your kitchen each day? You might simply need to undertake a few adjustments to create a more functional, organized room.

For example, increase space by investing in vertical storage shelving and use drawer organizers to stock your dry goods. You could also free up space in your kitchen cabinets by installing overhead pot and pan storage hooks.

Transform Your Bedrooms

Do you dream of a home office, but don’t have the space? Maybe you would love a dressing table, but your small bedroom won’t allow it. If so, you will be happy to learn there are ways to increase flexibility in your bedroom.

Maximize space by investing in convertible Murphy beds, as the systems allow you to stylish hide your bed away into the wall during the day before pulling it back down at night. So, your room can double up as a home office, dressing area or an extra lounge area.

Create an Open Plan Living Space

If your home lacks light and floor space, your best option might be to tear down a wall, creating an open plan living area. While you will need to hire a professional builder to knock down a wall safely, it can be a much more affordable option in comparison to selling your home and buying a bigger property.

Install a Mezzanine

If your home is a little on the small side but features high ceilings, you could install a mezzanine. The new small space will not only add architectural interest into your home, but it will provide both you and your loved ones with more square footage so thatthe space can serve as achild’s bedroom, home office, guest bedroom, or a lounge area.

Convert an Attic or Basement

While your home might seem small on the face of it, it could offer more square footage than you think. To add more rooms into your home, consider converting an attic or basement if you have one. It’s an ideal option for growing families who need more space but don’t want to say goodbye to their home.

By tbb