6 Fragrance Tips To Leave You Smelling Gorgeous


There are many fragrance experts who offer specific tips on how to choose and apply perfumes. For example, Francis Kurkdijon, an award-winning French Armenian fragrance expert often gives advice on the best ways to prolong your desired scent. He goes on to advise people that rubbing the perfume after spraying can actually decrease or change the scent.

Following a few tips from perfume experts will help you take full advantage of your favorite scents without changing the composition or wasting it.

Everyone tends to have their own olfactory sense when it comes to what they do and don’t like. The best perfumes for women who prefer floral scents may not be the desirable fragrance theme for others. Regardless of the choice in perfume, there are many tips surrounding how to apply the fragrance for the best results. The following are just a few of the tips that can leave you smelling and feeling great all day long.


The most popular tip for women when it comes to spritzing their favorite scent is to spray in specific areas. Spraying a cloud of perfume and walking through it isn’t exactly the best way to take advantage of your fragrance. The recommended placement for perfume and body sprays is usually around different pulse points.

Picking certain areas of the body to help accentuate the scent is the way to go. The scent of perfume should not be overwhelming; it should be subtle, leaving you and everyone else thinking, “wow, that smells good.” The following are five areas of the body that is highly recommended to leave you smelling good and feeling great as the day progresses.

Your Hair

One of the top choices for fragrance placement is one’s hair. Most of the beauty and perfume experts say perfume in the hair will often last the longest between hair washes. For instance, if you love floral scents, Fleurdenya Eau de parfum leaves a subtle yet stunning fragrance that lasts.

When applying, do not spray directly on your hair as the alcohol content of the perfume can dry out the hair. Instead, spray a hairbrush and use it to comb generic levitra through your hair which helps spread the fragrance more evenly.

The Belly Button

Actresses have revealed some of the tricks of the trade for them when it comes to applying their favorite scents. Surprisingly, several have suggested that placing just a couple drops in and around the belly button adds a subtle scent. This tip will keep you smelling great, even with wardrobe changes throughout the day.

Your Back

For some people, the scent of perfume can become intense when it’s in front of you. The last thing anyone wants is an overwhelming fragrance impacting yourself and the people around you. Many experts suggest leaving a trail of perfume down your back that begins from just under the back collar. Perfect for leaving a subtle, yet, admiring scent as you come and go.

Behind The Knees

When you can’t figure out if your favorite fragrance should be applied to one’s lower body, don’t fret. Beauty and perfume experts agree that the best place on the lower body to add a scent would be behind one’s knees. This is because heat rises and behind the knees has a great pulse point. This tip is a great way to smell good all day long while the perfume slowly evaporates.

The Inside Elbows

Another pulse point to add a spritz to would be the insides of the elbows. Many people don’t realize heat is generated from behind the knees and the insides of the elbows. Including those pulse areas will make a huge difference in feeling fresh and smelling great.

Behind The Ears

This is another pulse point that can create heat throughout the day. So adding a spritz behind your ears as you would to the wrists will help give off an all-day scent. It’s especially great for people who prefer to wear their hair up. If you can’t run the scent through those luscious locks, don’t be afraid to get behind the ears.

It’s important to note great fragrances should match the occasion. This means picking a perfume that compliments your outfit and the environment.