11 Top Fashions That Will Be Trending In Fall 2017

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It is never too early to start thinking about what to wear in the coming season. Even though it might seem far off now, fall will be here in the next 6 months and you need to start planning your wardrobe, if staying trendy is important to you. Here are the 11 trends that are going to be blowing up in fall 2017.

1. Checks, plaids

Neutral Plaids and checks were a favorite at Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga. These are mainly worn as outer wear but they can also be worn as inner wear. This trend covers coats, suits and dresses. The classier, the better. Expect tem in weird shapes and colors.

2. Florals

Florals always look good on the ladies. This fall, dark florals and prints will be the in thing.

3. Mid length skirts

This should not be so showy, but the more fabric it has the better.  Even better is if it is sheer.

4. Red

Move over pink, it is time for red to reign supreme. Even though pink has been quite popular this year, red might be seeing a comeback in fall. Designers like Prada, Versace and Fendi lit up the runways with red.

5. American vibes

Lots of designers have you covered when it comes to creating American vibes or helping you to let your voice get heard if you are an activist. Tops with various slogans will be all the rage. Designers like Stella McCartney, Jonathan Sinkai and Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior have you covered with slogans like ‘Let’s all be feminists’. Let your clothes do the talking this fall.

6. Reach for the stars

It’s time to reach for the starts next fall. After all the white sneakers you’ve been wearing all year, it’s time for a change. Platform sandals and Gucci’s loafers will give you the lift that you need, so that you can change your shoe closet for 2017.

7. Stripes

Get ready to see stripes of all sizes and all colors. This will be in all types of clothes, be it knits shirts or dresses.

8. Off-shoulder

One shoulder dresses will get you looking slick and sexy.

9. Velvet

Velvet is such a rich fabric. Imagine if gold was added to it, it would be richness upon richness. Jason Wu, Tome and Milly showed cased these designs on the runway for the fall 2017 collection.

10.DIY effect

Clothes that look as if they were homemade were quite popular on the fall runway. They were handcrafted by artisans such as Alexander McQueen and Valentinos, who came up with patched pieces that were quite bright and eye catching. Patchwork was a great way to mix up different pieces.

11.Belt up

Pair up your outfits with belts. This includes belting up your outer wears too, such as your coats. Belts help to define your clothes and give you a better shape, so belt up.



Where to find them

Now you know what to shop for when you go shopping. You can find all these designs at a trendy women’s clothing boutique.