Hottest Celebrity Skin Treatments

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Anti-Ageing IV Treatments

Leaf MD Skincare in Beverly Hills have popularized this technology, which is known as a Vita-Infusion Facial. The treatment is administered by a nurse who starts an IV filled with vitamin C and B, magnesium chloride and calcium gluconate, all of which are currently being studied for their effect on chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Patients consequently obtain a glow through vasodilation, which can last for 24 hours when amino acids are added to the basic vitamin drip, which acts as a vasodilator to increase blood flow to the skin. This type of treatment should only be administered in reputable medical facilities, where the risk of infection is considerably lower in the hands of skilled practitioners who can deliver a safe dose.


Zit Killer

The acclaimed cortisone shot has the potential to shrink colossal zits within 48 hours, but when stars demand faster results, the injection can be followed with an intense pulsed light. The combination of the two can greatly reduce swelling and redness, reducing the removal time to 24 hours. There is an even speedier fix available when the injection is topped with a concentrated dose of dehydrating trichloracetic acid, which can flatten out blemishes on your face immediately. If its skin care you require, Miskn is a fantastic clinic that can help with your everyday needs.


Laser Treatments

Before attending prestigious events, stars often call on dermatologist Fredric Brandt, who is well renowned for his combination laser treatment. This involves the use of two lasers with a different wavelength, one which removes redness and brown spots, and the other stimulating collagen production to reduce fine lines and large pores, giving the skin an immediate glow. The ensuing redness can then be reduced by makeup when stars leave the office, meaning celebrities are prepared for the red carpet.


Head-To-Toe Facials

Top models such as Victoria’s Secret angels often visit New York City dermatologist David Colbert for Triad Body facials. The experience involves a laser treatment which encourages fibroblasts to make new collagen, and this process is followed up with a peel, using 20 percent glycolic acid spiked with calming lavender essence. The skin is then doused with a serum that builds more collagen, and low-energy light that slows breakdown. A rich cream is then applied containing tremella mushroom extract, which can hold 500 times its weight in water and help the skin appear radiant before stars have their hair and makeup prepared.


Electric Facials

Stars of the red carpet often glow as if someone has plugged them in to an electricity source. Ironically this isn’t far from the truth, where different types of electric current are used as a treatment to boost skin radiance, enhance lymphatic drainage, wipe out dark circles, spark cellular repair, and kill acne bacteria. Though this has been common practice for years, there is now a new even-lower frequency nanocurrent which is gathering momentum, allowing energy to slowly build in the skin before it reaches its peak three days later. The electrical stimulation prompts an exchange of ions which revs up the metabolism, creating a radiant glow in celebrities at big events.