Winter Beauty Tips for Stressed College Students

winter beauty tips

Winter has almost arrived and with it comes the cold dry air that plays havoc on our skin. As a busy student enrolled in the masters in social work online program you likely don’t have much spare time to dedicate to skin care, but that doesn’t mean you want cracked, itchy, and uncomfortable skin. Not to worry as we’ve put together a few basic winter beauty tips that take very little time so you can fit them into your schedule and soothe that dry skin.

Moisturize Often

This cannot be stressed enough during the winter months. There is just no way around it, if you want to address the dryness, the best solution is to moisturize and do it often. Now before you pull for your regular moisturizer you may want to also consider using a different kind in the winter. What worked for you in the summer isn’t necessarily going to be strong enough for the winter months.

You need something that has an oil-base to it. This oil base will in fact protect your skin by creating a barrier. This means you will be able to lock moisture in and not worry about losing it. Look for moisturizer that is heavy, a balm, an ointment, or even labelled “night cream” as it will be thicker. For those extra dry spots like elbows and knees, straight Vaseline is often the best bet. Now keep in mind these types of moisturizers are meant for the body, not your face. Your pores will end up clogged depending on the oil in the cream.

Bundle Up

One of the fastest buy ativan ways to dry out your skin is to have it exposed to those cold winter winds. This is exactly why bundling up is a good idea. Now, obviously you can’t walk around looking like a snowman, but take care to always wear gloves/mitts, a scarf, and a hat to protect the skin on your scalp.

Dandruff Shampoo

Speaking of your scalp, this is another area that tends to suffer in winter. Just as the skin on your body becomes dry, flaky, cracked, and itchy, so can your scalp – which is dandruff. You may want to use a dandruff shampoo once a week as a preventative measure to provide that moisture your scalp requires. If you have color treated hair, make sure you look for one that is “color safe” so it doesn’t strip the color.

Carry Items with You

It’s best to assume that dry skin will hit at some point in the day so with that in mind throw a travel sized bottle of hand cream and a good quality lip balm in your bag or purse. As well, you can carry a bottle of water with you so you are working to hydrate from the inside out.

Healthy Winter Skin is Yours

As you work to earn your online social work masters degree it’s hard to find time for anything else, but these tips are simple and quick to follow. In no time, you’ll be on your way to healthy skin even in the winter months.