Clothing Tips for Combine

Dressing sometimes is not easy. It seems that we have nothing in the closet, we have to leave urgently to buy something or just do not know how to combine them. In this note we give you some tips.

Clothing Tips for Combine

How Our Clothes Combine Properly

Knowing how to combine clothes is not easy. You learn with every day, talking with friends, reading fashion magazines, etc. In the case of men, the issue is more complicated because it is not a frequent topic of conversation.

Many times it happens that we have no notion of how to combine all those clothes we have, and fear appears to be ridiculous or unfashionable.

For this fear will not make you stay an hour in front of the mirror thinking to wear, here are some basic rules of good clothing to properly combine your clothes:

Basic clothing. A basic trousseau, must have a gun and a dark sweatshirt, a pair of elegant shoes and other sport, a black dress pants and a white shirt.

Combine stamped with lines or checkered cloths. The prints are not combined with each other: if you use a patterned garment, unfailingly the other should be smooth. The same applies to Grated or checkered garments. Never use a plaid shirt with a striped trousers. Nor is it valid to use two striped garments of two different sets, only because both have stripes.

Socks. Try that average combined with the color of the shirt or diver take. If you wear black shoes, white socks never use.

Combine dark presses. Do not use two dark clothes, try one of them clearer. If you use two dark clothing, seeking to enhance the set with an accessory (scarf, necklace, etc). Remember this: black goes with everything, but not much with brown and blue.

Combine handbags and shoes. Wallet and shoes must be combined. You cannot use a brown bag and black shoes. If you use skirt or black pants, you cannot use a wallet, shoes and / or brown belt.

And finally, remember the main rule when dressing: feel comfortable! We wear clothes that are not comfortable will make the luzcamos wrong, so is the best and most expensive dress. To feel good with your dress, you first of all define your style. From there, you will find no difficulty clothes that you like, and places where you can go shopping.


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