How to Look Your Best This Summer


Summer is the time of year you are showing the most skin so be sure you look your best this summer. Here are some tips to make sure you look the best in your shorts, tank tops, and even bikinis.

Exercise Early

Don’t start working out in May, you should be getting ready for the summer in the winter. Getting in shape through exercise takes time and hard work. It’s not healthy to try and shed loads of weight last minute. Slow and steady wins the race so you want to apply this philosophy to exercise. After the standard holiday feast you should start hitting the treadmill. New Years is a great time to start to make you prime in shape by summer. If you need a little last minute bump there is always Sono Bello.

Tan Naturally
The best way to build up a base tan is not a tanning salon, in fact these are often discouraged by doctors and health professionals for their links to skin cancer. Tanning naturally is the way to go but don’t get burned. Use SPF sunscreen and go out early in the spring. Wear shorts and t-shirts as soon you as you can and be one of the first at the beach. Remember to alternate outfits so you don’t end up with an extreme farmers tan from the same shirt and shorts combo. This will ensure that by the first pool party of the year you will be ready with a nice suntan and ready to enjoy the water and look good doing it.

Dress For the Season
Just because you may only wear your bathing suit and flip flops only a few months a year doesn’t mean they never go out of style… You likely wouldn’t wear the same shirt or dress you bought in 2002 but many of us still have no shame wearing the board shorts or bikinis from over a decade ago. So make sure you update your beach wear to make sure you are looking your best this summer. Summer clothes have trends just like any other fashion items so you will want to make sure your beach wear is up to date this year. Most retailers will clearance out summer clothes in the fall and winter so this is a great time to buy last seasons clothes at a discount (one year behind is hardly noticeable!) This thrifty technique will let you justify buying something new you only wear twice a year.

Looking good for the summer especially at the beach is all about confidence. Being confident in your swimwear regardless of you body type is the most important thing. If having this years latest swimsuit, a flat stomach, and a bronze tan helps you feel you best than that will show and people will notice you look and feel you best. So don’t forget your shades, beach towel, cooler, and sun tan lotion and have fun making the most of the summer season before winter rears its ugly head again!