Get a Great Fitting Bra


Whether you’re looking for women’s active wear, bras, panties or lingerie, it’s important to find a company that offers a great selection as well as value. Every woman is different, so a company that provides a variety of sizes, colors and design styles can help ensure you’ll find exactly what you need. Of course, it’s also crucial that the items offered are not only comfortable, but they are also manufactured with quality materials. Whether you’re looking for great fitting Mopas bras or other lingerie, a company like Uni Hosiery Co., Inc. can offer you the selection you desire.

How to Size Your New Bra
Most women do not actually have a bra that fits them correctly. This is often a difficult part of shopping for bras because sizes can vary significantly from one manufacturer to another. If you’re buying a bra online, make sure to look for sizing information. This information should be provided by the site where you shop and hopefully will give information based on manufacturer sizing rather than an across the board sizing that might not work with every bra style they sell.

The first step in determining your correct bra size is to measure for band size. Measure directly under your bust making sure to keep the tape measure parallel with the ground. Exhale slightly to get the smallest measurement, but don’t make it too tight or your bra will be uncomfortable. Write this measurement down. The next measurement you’ll need to take is for the cup size. Measure the fullest part of your breast, with arms straight down at your sides. You can wear an unpadded bra while taking this measurement. Again, the measurement should not be too binding or too loose. Write this measurement down. Use these measurements along with the manufacturer’s sizing chart to get the best fit.

Factors that Could Affect a Good Fit
Sometimes, even with accurate measuring, you’re not going to get the perfect fit. Factors such as having narrow shoulders or a broad back can make a difference in the fit of your bra. If you aren’t happy with your current bra, spend some time evaluating what would give you a better fit.

A bra that doesn’t fit well can be uncomfortable. Whether it’s too loose in the cup or the shoulder straps or underbust band pinch, making sure you get the right size is an important factor in finding a comfortable bra.