Psoriasis is a chronic condition of the skin which is caused by disorders in the auto-immune functioning of the body. The skin in its regular cycle would shed the old skin and grow anew. This cyclic process takes approximately a month in normal conditions but takes only a few days in case of psoriasis The result being hard, flaky skin in the region. It normally affects the back, toes and fingers,the elbows and in some cases the nail and scalp are also affected. Psoriatic arthritis is another condition which affects the joints.

This condition causes scaly, white hardened skin. Although the skin condition is unattractive, it is not a communicable to other people. The patient may suffer from mental depression due to the psychological impact this has on his or her physical appearance. After the flare-up there are no marks on the skin once the condition has subsided.

Psoriasis is an auto-immune condition and there is no known cause for it, though a number of factors could lead to its flare-up.Stress being one of the major causes of this. It is commonly seen to occur more often during the winter and subside during the summer season. Hence it is a good idea for patients to enjoy the sun more often. Psoriasis can occur if one or both of the parents have this condition, so it could have a genetic connection but you cannot predict it. Alcohol consumption and smoking could also trigger this condition.

There are natural remedies like Ayurveda which will help treat the condition. InAyurveda it is believed that a bad lifestyle when combined with improper and an unbalanced diet will cause the system to have toxins in the blood which will in turn affect the vitality and texture of the skin leading to various skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and so on. Hence, the prime treatment would be to clear the blood off the toxins and provide a clean system. It is believed that the ‘vata’ and the ‘kapha’ imbalance could cause this condition.

Ayurveda products will mainly focus on the restoration of balance in the body. This holistic treatment involves the improvement of the psychological imbalance through yoga, where it is believed that stress is a major factor causing this condition.Ayurveda focuses on a proper diet which will includes food that is more alkaline in nature rather than acidic food like citric fruits, urad dal, fish etc. which could result in flare ups.The proper immunization of the system is the prime focus in Ayurveda for the prevention and treatment of this disease condition.

Ayurveda medicines are herbal in nature and generally free from side effects. Online medicine Bangalore at Zigy which is an online pharmacy will provide you with prescribed medicines for psoriasis. This pharmacy online will provide you with the required medicines with a click of a mouse from the comfort of your home.

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