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The primary function of cleansers remains the same: they help clean out the dirt, oil, debris, bacteria, and leftover makeup from your skin. While they have the same base function, they come in different formulas and forms. Knowing the right type of cleanser to use on your skin at the right time can make a significant impact on your routine.

When you cleanse your skin, you’re essentially increasing the effectiveness of moisturizers, creams, and other treatment products by giving them a better chance of deeply penetrating your skin. It’s best to wash your face twice a day — once in the morning to remove oils, bacteria, and grime buildup from the previous evening, and once in the evening to remove any makeup, sunscreen, and dirt buildup from that day. Make sure to wash with lukewarm water as very hot or very cold water can damage the capillaries in your skin. Additionally, very hot water tends to turn your skin red and dry. Be gentle with your skin and it will remain youthful, supple and dewy for years to come.

Cleansing Gel

For your morning routine, it’s best to stick to a sulfate-free gel. This kind of cleanser is gentle yet effective and gives you a fresh sensation to start your day with. Cleansing gels are activated with water, so prepare by washing your face and leaving it damp. Don’t apply cleansing gel onto dry skin. This type of cleanser is recommended for oily skin.

Cleansing Lotion

With its power to dissolve makeup and oil, a water-soluble cleansing lotion is perfect for all skin types and is most recommended for your evening routine. Keep your skin dry as you work the lotion in to avoid diluting it, rinse well, and immediately use a facial sponge or baby washcloth to remove any makeup residue left behind. This type of cleansing method leaves your skin feeling conditioned and clean.

Cleansing Cream

Cream or milk-based cleansers are said to be the solution to age-related skin problems, as it is not overly drying. They’re very effective for removing makeup, and are recommended for evening routines. This is more effective on dry and normal to combination skin.

Cleansing Foam

Foaming cleansers are suitable for combination or normal skin types. Make sure to add plenty of water for a good lather, otherwise it could irritate your skin. A good foaming cleanser should clean away excess sebum without drying your skin.

Cleansing Oil

The Japanese are fond of using oil-based cleansers to remove their makeup as well as to cleanse their faces. This type if cleanser is best for dry or sensitive skin. Take care, however, as the oil can linger on the surface of your skin. If you’re doing the double-cleansing method, use a gel or milk-based cleanser after applying the cleansing oil.

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