What Makes Women Attractive to Men?

This is perhaps one of the oldest questions in the new world. The truth is, there are different answers to this question, because each guy is different. There are some basic things, tight dresses are very sexy to almost all men, beautiful, manicured nails, nice hair and makeup. Some guys find a woman that is competitive attractive. This might mean that they want to go out and play sports with them, or hiking, camping or hunting.

attractive woman

Times have changed greatly since the fifties. Back then women attracted men by being a good housewife, mother, and caretaker. They had to do all of this and still look good, have dinner on the table when the husband came home, and were ‘available.’ Men wanted a woman who was dependent, meaning that they needed their man, they were diminutive, and didn’t express opinions of their own. Did women like this position? While some may have, many did not, and started rebelling, hence the start of the women’s movement.

Thank goodness for that. While there are still some hard core guys that prefer the demure women who hangs on their every word and is really needy, most guys want the exact opposite. They want a woman who is independent, who has their own job, and one who is assertive. They may not want a domineering woman who is overbearing, putting them down all the time, or brags about ‘wearing the pants,’ but one who is at the very least their equal.

Before all of this, women have to get a guy to have an interest in them. Let’s start with looks. Many men are superficial, so this is important. Do women who dress really sexy attract more men? Surely the sexy dress is going to catch a guy’s eyes, but It’s much more than that too. You don’t necessarily have to be dressed to the nines to be attractive. While it’s great to see a woman wearing something that shows off their cleavage, their rear ends, etc, some guys see women like this and automatically think they are sluts or only want to attract guys for sex. You don’t have to have your breasts about to fall out of your dress in order to attract guys, and usually the guys that are constantly looking at your breasts are doing so because they just want to objectify you, and only really want one thing. If you want a guy that wants you for you, then wear something sexy, but is also comfortable and not sending the wrong messages.

Nails are important. Just like women like men who have good nails, so do men. A woman should have great nails, with attractive polish. Some women like to to paint their nails and put different designs on them, but just having some nice color to them is great. They don’t have to be too flashy, but they can be a conversation piece if they are well decorated. Dark colors may be a turn off to some men, some might think you are Goth or something. If a woman is wearing open toed shoes, these should also be well manicured.

Let’s talk makeup for a moment. A lot of women wear makeup, and that’s okay. What isn’t okay are those women who apply so much that they look like they put it on with a roller. If you wear makeup then it should be applied sparingly, enhancing your natural beauty, not covering it up. You have to think about this. Are you going to be wearing makeup all the time? They guy who you attract and want to keep is probably going to wake up next to you at some point, so you need to make sure the transition isn’t so dramatic that it will freak them out. Also, women have to realize it isn’t so much about how much they wear, or if they really need to. What is important is that a woman takes care of their skin, taking care of any problems right away, and that they age well. Applying too much makeup over time takes it’s toll on your skin, drying it out, causing wrinkles, making it lose its’ elasticity, and this can cause you to age prematurely.

A lot of women want to know more about taking care of their skin. If you want more information, go to skinadvice.org. This is a source for the best anti aging eye cream, but it offers so much more. You can find great advice on all sorts of topics related to the subject of skin care. Some of these include removing acne, what foods are the best to help stop or reverse the aging process, and what ‘natural’ skin care really means. Any woman who wants more information on how to take care of their skin, not just cover it up with make up, will find this site invaluable.

Another important thing that attracts women to men is their teeth. Teeth says a lot about a woman. Women who take care of their teeth will attract men far easier than a woman with teeth that are stained, or where some of them are missing. You could have the sexiest dress, the best makeup, but if a man sees you smile or laugh and your teeth are horrible, chances are they won’t be wanting to stick around very long. The same goes for bad breath. There are tips to help you maintain good oral hygiene.

Let’s start with the basics. Brushing your teeth is a big step, but one of the biggest causes of bad breath your tongue. Bacteria builds up on the tongue causing bad breath. It is important to make sure you’re brushing your tongue as much as taking care of your teeth. Some women smoke, or drink coffee, or soda, and while this is okay, you need to make sure you are keeping your teeth from getting stained. Rinsing your mouth after drinking these items or smoking is a good start. There are also some great teeth whitening products on the market that can help. Drinking or smoking can also cause bad breath, and while you may not be able to brush your teeth all the time, carrying around some breath mints can also help prevent bad breath.