Tantalize the Senses Your Guide to the Oriental Floral Perfume Family

Did you know that the oldest perfumes ever found are more than 4000 years old? Since nearly the dawn of time, we have been perfuming ourselves to provide a pleasing and attractive scent.

Now, there are so many different perfumes on the market you could wear a different one every day and never run out of scents! So, how do you pick your signature scent?

If you’re looking for something a little sexy but still floral and complex, you’re looking for an oriental floral perfume. Read on to learn more about this type of perfume!

What Is an Oriental Floral Perfume?

While the word “floral” can make you think of light and flowery scents, the oriental floral perfume group is actually known for its deep, rich scents. These perfumes are usually darker smells, with woody notes to them.

They do still incorporate traditional floral scents like rose, jasmine, and gardenia. But, they build on them with spicy and woody scents like oak, musk, cardamom, saffron, and nutmeg.

This creates a more unique, complex, and sexy scent.

Different Kinds of Oriental Floral Perfume

Oriental floral perfumes balance the scent of flowers with the scent of wood and musk, which means that there are several different kinds. Some lean more towards their floral notes while others are deeper and richer. Others include notes of fruit like green apple and grapefruit.

For that reason, there are oriental floral perfumes for both men and women. There are even floral oriental aftershaves that tend towards the woody side of the spectrum. This gives them a masculine scent that’s still complex.

There are also perfumes that lean on the feminine side, with a top scent of light flowers. For example, the Perfume Price Lady Million offers a light bouquet of orange blossom, gardenia, and raspberry. It ends with the woody scent of patchouli.

This makes it a classy, rich, feminine perfume.

How to Choose a Fragrance

Even once you’ve narrowed your search down to the oriental floral family, it can be difficult to choose the best one.

The only way to pick through all the complex options is by trying a few out! Pick up a few samples and give them a try.

Generally, lighter floral scents are best for daytime wear and summer or spring. In the winter or during the evening, richer and warmer scents are preferable.

So we suggest picking a lighter oriental floral during the day and when you’re going to work. If you have a big date, a richer and more welcoming scent will give you the perfect sexy fragrance.

Pick Your Oriental Floral Perfume Signature Scent

Now that you know all about this crowd-pleasing perfume family, it’s time to pick one for yourself! Look for scents in the oriental floral perfume family, and filter them based on your favorite smells. You’re sure to find the perfect signature scent.

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