Do’s and Don’ts for hair care

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There are many ways in which many women, unaware of that, to harm their hair, do not necessarily do hair-laying or chemical work at home every day. So what are the Do’s and Don’ts for hair care?


We believe that you have heard thousands of tips for healthy hair, but what about our common mistakes? Let’s go through them first.

  • You cannot use hot tools such as round tongs or irons on wet hair, otherwise hot tools that come into contact with your hair will make the moisture inside boil.
  • If a black hair owner comes to the hair colourist with a request to make her a platinum blonde in three hours, expect trouble. No, she’ll come out of the salon blonde, of course, but the hair quality will be severely affected by the aggressive effects of the lighter, you need at least 2-3 visits to the beauty salon to give the hair time to rest from the aggressive chemical effect.
  • Every day hairstyling necessarily requires thermal protection. Nowadays you can be shocked by a huge amount of products with different structures and price categories offered on the market.
  • There is a belief that wet hair should never be combed. We claim that it is rather should not be combed too sharply. You should start the procedure with a massage or a loosening brush. Never pull your hair too hard, because when hair is wet, it becomes up to 30 percent thicker and makes you more vulnerable. With too aggressive a brushing, you can increase hair brittle.
  • For those who make a ponytail or a bun, there is an important rule: do not pull off the elastic band too rough.


Speaking about do’s, of course, the day-to-day home hair care determines to a large extent their condition. Besides, a lot of salon treatments can be done at home and saved. Home hair treatment should include the proper hair washing, moisturization, natural masks and serums, thermal protection, scalp massage, good nutrition and so on and so force. The main rule is to select hair care product carefully giving the preference to the natural and organic products. You can find everything you need for amazing hair clicking the link Proper care of hair and scalp is an important component of health and beauty. But it requires regular and competent selection of hygienic products, cosmetics, dyes, etc., as a result, don’t ignore hair treatment since beautiful and healthy hair is not only part of the image, but also an indicator of the state of the whole organism.