Women have infinite variety when it comes to accessories. Most jewelry, accessories, purses, hats and scarves are designed to be fashion statements for women. That doesn’t mean that women get to have all the fun though. There are plenty of ways to spice up an outfit and make it more masculine. Here are just a few:


Jewelry is not the sole domain of women. Rings are unisex and even earrings can be masculine fashion statements for the more daring. There are also many necklace options from chains to custom bolos Houston TX or your area. Perhaps the most classically manly pieces of jewelry are fine watches, tie pins and cufflinks. All can be used to add a little bit of shine to your outfit. 

Accent Pieces

A bright swatch of color can offset and elevate an otherwise boring outfit instantaneously. For women, this might be a scarf — and for men, it can be a scarf too! Scarves, ties, pocket squares and hats are all chances to add a pop of color to your suit or your everyday look. An accent piece should be bright enough to draw attention, but it shouldn’t clash with the rest of your outfit. 

Bags, Belts and Shoes

There are also plenty of ways to accessorize with regular, everyday items that are part of your outfit anyway. Shoes, for example, can make all kinds of fashion statements. They can be colorful or plain and come in many different styles. Similarly, belts can be styled to match and increasingly men are coming to appreciate the value of carrying a bag, which is itself an opportunity to accessorize. 

Accessorizing isn’t inherently feminine and it isn’t just vanity. It’s an opportunity to make a statement about yourself, to say something about who you are and what you want people to know about you. Don’t let masculinity stop you from expressing yourself!

By tbb