How to be a successful learner



Learning is important in everybody’s life. You can learn from anywhere depending on the type of learning. For example in schools, at home, in your workplace or even online. You learn to gain knowledge of something you didn’t know about before, and also to be successful. In most cases, assessments are done at the end of the learning session and their purpose is to evaluate whether the learner understood the course materials or not. Therefore, to pass the tests you must be able to learn efficiently. The following tips will help you as a student to be a successful learner.

Study environment

It’s important to take the time to find your school, so look for an ideal learning environment, have a good furniture that you will be comfortable with, organize your learning materials such as; books, handout, and pens. Always make sure that environment is quite for you to concentrate well. Try to avoid all sort of distraction and maintain a good posture while learning. In addition to this, listen very carefully in every class, and be active by asking and answering questions.

Study time

Have a schedule of your study time. Know when your mind concentrates well and make it your time to study. People are different, some are productive in the morning hours while others do well in the evening. Get enough time to sleep for your mind to relax and be able to concentrate more. Taking short breaks after every hour is also good for your understanding. Always let your learning be your first priority and other activities, for example, your hobbies can follow. Also, make sure you have eaten well before studying.

Take notes

Writing short summary notes when learning or even when listening to your tutor will help you to keep focused. Reviewing your previous lesson will be easy and understandable too. Revise after every topic and read ahead for easier understanding and Practice testing to evaluate yourself.

Have group discussions

Share what you learn with others and you will never forget it. You can arrange with other classmates to have a group discussion to discuss what you learned. If it is an online class you can join forums whereby you can interact with other students, learn from each other by asking questions.


Always be punctual in class or in your group discussion if you have. This helps you to be settled before the lesson starts and therefore helps you to be focused. Make sure you don’t miss any class unless you have an unavoidable circumstance like serious sickness and ensure you catch up with others when you go back. Complete all your assignment well, without copying and on time.

Be positive

A positive attitude also will take you a long way. If you aren’t a quick learner, don’t be too harsh on yourself and don’t give up, continue reading while being positive about it and eventually you’ll understand.

Passing your exams well is not a walk in the park. You really have to put more effort towards it. Be attentive in class, create a good relationship with the teachers or lecturers and never get tired to look for them whenever you need their help.