Style Your Summer with Bright Colors

Style Your Summer

The summer of 2018 is going to be all about patterns and colors. From coral through yellow all the way to jewel tones – you will see it all. It is quite refreshing after years of grey, white and black, to be honest. If you really want to own this summer, here are some tips on how to incorporate those bold colors into your looks.

Start off slowly

There are just so many colors that are filling the shops, that it can be quite difficult to find your way around. Especially now when, as said above, we just got used to black, white and grey, and designers decided to ditch them. This is why some of you may find it hard to jump straight on the rainbow right away. However, colors make people happy, and anyone can incorporate them into their style.

One of the best tips is to start one by one. Firstly, just take one accent piece such as printed skirt or turquoise shorts, and combine it with a basic black/white/nude tank top, black/white/nude accessories and black/white/nude shoes to balance it all out. Start off like this, because it is a lot easier to use color on the bottom rather than on the top of your outfit. Later, add another colorful item and work your way until you get to the point of not being afraid to go over the top.

Also, note that there is so much more to ‘nude’ then meets the eye. Its variants can range from coffee all the way to pinkish taupe. And those powdery pinks are what can break many strong colors, because they are much softer than white.

Leather is allowed

During summer as well – yes. And no, you are not going to sweat your butt off while wearing it if you wear it in the form of a mini skirt or shorts. And in order to make it more summery, opt for one in a bright color of course, such as orange, red or yellow. Pair it with a flowy, white top and let the shoes decide whether it will be a daytime or a nighttime look.


Pastels summer style

Even though they are not that bright, pastels are also perfectly suitable for the summer months. After all, not everyone enjoys those wild, strong and intense colors such as hot pink and neon yellow. Go with a cut-out bandage mini dress in a soft color such as sky blue, and combine it with a pair of nude strappy sandals.



If you are into bohemian printed designer resort wear, it is your time to shine. Proudly wear your gypsy box kaftan, peasant top or cami top and capture the eyes wherever you go. And if gypsy is not your kind of vibe, you can also opt for prints such as floral or cartoon (the ultimate fashion week hit). Pair your printed summer dress with a cropped white leather jacket and white nails for maximum impact.

Color blocking

To put it simple, color blocking is basically pairing colors that are opposites on the color wheel, which can result in some pretty interesting combinations. With summer outfits, opt for shades that are within the same family of colors, but scream summer such as yellow, hot pink and orange. Pair your sunny yellow summer dress with a flowy red cardigan, hot pink shoes and orange purse.

Undies matter

You know what they say: make sure you are always trimmed down there and that your undies match, because you never know whether you might end up at the doctor’s or get lucky. Jokes aside, if your bright outfit inspired you, keep the mood going by matching your bright undies with it in a similar color. Or you can keep a funny secret to yourself and select a color that clashes with the color of your outfit. In this case, just hope no one will see it.

So basically, that would be it. As you can see, styling colors is not as hard as it seems – you just need to open yourself up to new possibilities and always keep balance in mind.