How to Make the Big Dates Special for Your Daughter


As a mother, you want the absolute best for your child. Making the happiest memories for them is one of the perks. You can certainly plan a wonderful family holiday that will be guaranteed to leave your kids with new experiences, life lessons, and memories. Celebrating milestones, however, are an entirely different ballpark. The ‘Big Dates’ are the ones that mark rites of passage that need to be both celebrated and memorable. Here is a little rundown on how to make those dates special for your daughter:


Birthdays are something that occurs annually, however, there are only so many of them where you’ll be in charge of throwing them. There are two kinds of birthday’s you’ll throw when your daughter is still a child: the one where her friends come over and the one with just you and the family (though these could occur on the same day). Have activities planned for both kinds of parties to make her big day special. Then, of course, there are milestone birthdays, like her sweet-sixteen. The secret to making a sweet sixteen special is to take her out or to organize a party that feels grown-up and adult.



Graduation is one of those large milestones that celebrates a true achievement. The true celebration comes after your daughter celebrates her secondary education, her undergrad, and any other degree she achieves. Usually celebrating these dates includes flowers and a nice dinner, but to truly celebrate these milestones you should consider going on a little holiday. Nothing says celebrating graduation than a retreat!



One of the biggest dates in a woman’s life is her wedding day. The venue for the wedding is the backbone of the event. Pick out the dream wedding venue for your daughter at a discount at UK Wedding Savings. There you will find some beautiful venues that will not only be a dream come true; they will also provide services like a three-course meal included in their price. Win-win!


Weddings are very stressful events. Especially for your daughter’s first (and hopefully only) wedding. She will want guidance on what to do. She will look to you first. She’ll look to you before a wedding planner or her friends.


Baby Showers

Your daughter will rely on you and need your support when she has a baby of her own. This is a massive milestone for any woman, and she will come to you for advice. Celebrate the great news with a baby shower! A lot of steps to planning a great baby shower are the same to a wedding. You choose the guests, the venue (even if it’s your home), the food, and the registry.


These big dates are the milestones in our lives. Careful planning and organizing can make them truly special for anyone, but when your mom does it, it gives these events heart. Who doesn’t remember their mother bringing out a birthday cake for you? The mother-daughter relationship is sacred and special. Making these big days special for your daughter is just another way to show her just how much you love her.