Everyone looks forward to a holiday trip to sunny beaches in the summer. Most people take time off work to just relax and enjoy the beautiful warm weather. However, the seasonal change comes with another challenge, especially for women: choosing the right swimsuit. Some are unaware that they made wrong purchases in the past. People will stare at you at the beach for two reasons. A well-dressed and toned body or a wrong swimsuit. You do not want to attract attention for the wrong reasons. Consider your body shape, including your hips and bust size when shopping for a swimsuit. Here is a guide on how to choose a swimsuit for your body type.

1. Triangle Shape

A triangle shape means that you have wider hips than your bust or shoulders. The key to choosing the right attire for this body type is to draw attention away from your hips to your upper body. Choose a swimsuit with attractive detail on the upper part or an outstanding neckline. The suit should slim the lower part of your body. For instance, you can buy one with a zipper and an empire waist. You can have a bright colored upper part, but the lower part should consist of dark or solid colors.

2. Rectangle Shape

A balance between your hips and shoulder size without a defined waistline gives you a rectangular shape. You can tell what is missing from the description. Your aim when dressing such a body shape is to create an illusion of a defined waistline. Stay away from solid colors and look for designs that create curves. For instance, you can go for suits with lingerie straps, drop-yoke waistlines, and diagonal lines. Other details that will give you some curves include belts, princess seams, and draping.

3. Circle Shape

Having a circle body shape means that your waist or midsection is larger than your bust and hips. Many people with this body type avoid wearing swimsuits because they do not know how to dress it. Your focus here is to create the illusion of a smaller waistline. Go for swimsuits with side shirring, tummy controls, interesting necklines, and princess seams. You can also go for diagonal prints, high backs, and vertical color blocks. The right suit should make your waist and lower body part look smaller.

4. Inverted Triangle Shape

An inverted triangle shape means that you have wide shoulders or a large bust and small hips. The trick here is to draw attention to your lower body. Go for a Tommy Hilfiger swimsuit that gives you more volume on the lower body and makes your upper body look smaller. Choose suits with patterns that draw attention to your hips. You can also buy those with side stripes, wide straps, and skirts.


You can look stylish and hot in a swimsuit if you choose the right one for your body type. We have described all the major body types and the right suit for each. The first step is to identify and accept your body type and then dress it appropriately. The secret to dressing your body type in a swimsuit or any attire is to draw attention to your best features. Use patterns, straps, belts, skirts, necklines and other details to draw attention to the lower or upper body depending on your body shape.

By tbb